Friday 9 February 2018

The Orange tree

As most days do, we started today with a morning happy hour.  We tend to wait until this time to discuss the plan for the day and decide if there are any things that will work doing them together.  Today was an individual day because everyone had a different goal to meet so everyone decided to go their own ways.  P&H had friends dropping by, Ed and Lessie were off on a parts buying mission, Chuck and Angela had lunch out with relatives, Kyra was Grampa hunting, and Susan and I were visiting Aunt Brenda.  You can see that retirement does not always mean feet up, because we do have some busy days.  We just try not to have five in a row anymore.

Susan and I went on our way to look at some furniture stores for one more drawer set to match the one she picked up yesterday.  Didn't I say in my last post that I thought another one might show up.  We only looked today and there were a couple cute ones.  Maybe I can hold her off for a while.  After the brief shopping trip we headed over to Aunt Brenda's for a visit with her and Don.  We always have some giggles there and enjoy their company.  They live at Viewpoint which is a snowbird park on the outskirts of Mesa.   Very nice place.

Everytime we go there, I feel a bit like a little boy because Brenda has two orange trees right outside her unit and I always ask "May I have an orange?"   And of course she agrees, and shortly after Don shows up with a bag of oranges to take back to the Ponderosa.  They are like my favourite Aunt and Uncle!!!

We headed back to the mountain around 4 because we were having a little inhouse potluck for supper.  Everyone was bringing something for themselves to BBQ plus a plate to share.  We had a great supper with all sorts of goodies.

Kyra told us a little bit about her day.  For a while now she has been searching for the final resting place of her grandfather who died in the 1930's.  Her search has been successful, and today she actually went to see the spot where he is buried.  It is in a cemetery not that far from where we are boon docking.  We were so happy that she was able to take that off her bucket list.  She is now concerned with the fact that his grave has no marker and thinks maybe she should see about changing that.

Pretty Cemetery
Kyra's Grandfathers resting place between the two markers
We are still marveling at how many different shades of light we can see on the mountain.  Every day seems to bring a different tint, which in turn makes for a different view of the mountain.  Love it.

The view from our side window tonight:

Our Location tonight:  BLM near Superstition Mountain, Apache Jnct. AZ  33.4602 - 111.5085  Boondocking.


  1. Wow, that was a busy day for everyone. Between all of you folks you managed to get a lot accomplished.

    Love the freshness of the citrus fruits out here. My sister in law brought me some grapefruit from her tree.


    1. You just cannot buy an orange that is as tasty as one picked right off the tree can you?

  2. Wow so happy she found her Grandfather grave site. Aunt Brenda. I bet she is the best lol.

    Brenda Brown.

    1. Kyra thought her search might be difficult when she started, but things sort of fell into place and she tracked it quite easily. Often ancestral searches come with a lot of dead ends, but not in this case. Happy for her.


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