Tuesday 13 February 2018

Fixing day #1

Fixing day #1 began like all the others with a happy hour to decide what the plan for the day was.  My first plan of the day was to get my boots on and walk over to Kuhn street in Quartzsite, to see what was left there and to root around in Gamblers and picking up do dads to help with all the repairs and additions to the Ponderosa.  You will get to see what I bought as I show you all of the repairs.  There are not many vendors left along the strip and a lot more were packing up as I poked around looking.

When I got home it was time to start on some projects.

Last summer we had a friend of ours rebuild one of the kitchen cupboards and he didn't quite get finished before we left so I was blessed with finishing the project.  When we took out the old convection oven and switched to a small Walmart microwave, we gained enough space on the side for an extra cupboard for the toaster and other things.  Of course it didn't have a door so I had to find one at Gamblers.  They had one that fits real nice.  I will show it installed later.

Susan got busy and got the prep paint done in anticipation of doing the antiquing thing on them.  Can't wait for the finished product.  The idea is to make the Ponderosa into a ranch style kitchen living room.

While Susan was painting, I busied myself with installing the 3 other closet doors that have been missing in the bedroom since we took out the old TV and installed a flat screen on the ceiling.  We like the TV here because it folds up out of the way when not in use and lets the light from the window in.

So once again I found 3 doors at Gamblers which will work almost perfectly to cover the old openings.  One door will open up and the other 2 will open out.  They will all get painted very soon the colour of the bottom doors.


The pantry door got a make over and that area of the kitchen is now finished.

By the time we got finished up for the day and all our tools and paint put away, Kyra showed up.  If you remember we left her behind in Apache Junction awaiting some Amazon shipments.  Nice to have her back in the circle.  I must get the drone out and take a picture from above.

We got a text from Pat and Harold and they have made it to Ventura CA where they are busy trying to find the perfect home on wheels for them.  Good luck guys.  They said they won't be back until next week probably.

Our view from the window today:

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at West La Posa LTVA, near Quartzsite AZ 33.6572 - 114.228


  1. Wow, what an amazing job you two are doing. I love it!!! Very individualized and I think Sue's choice of small cabinets the other day were perfect compliments to the work you are now doing. Very impressive.

    Congrats on an excellent first day of work.

  2. Ah we are not far from you just in Bouse. Maybe we will see you for a longer visit this time. Brenda Brown

    1. Hey thats great!!! If you are down this way, stick the coordinates in the GPS and come on over.


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