Friday 2 February 2018

Happy Birthday Louise

We started our day with a coffee happy hour again.  Its a great way to plan our day and we actually have a lot of laughs doing it.  Kyra was the person in charge of laughter this morning after her old old old directors chair finally gave out.  Good thing she was not hurt when it let her down.

Now Kyra had bought a new directors chair a couple years ago in anticipation of this day.  She thought it was going to happen a lot sooner than this, so has been storing the new one to put it into service on this occasion.

Further to the story of the broken chair, Harold has been looking around for a snipe which will give him more leverage on his 1/2 inch drive swing handle.  The dust had hardly cleared from Kyra's disaster and Harold had the grinder out, harvesting any parts which would be usable as a snipe.

For you Americans, a snipe is the Canadian term for what you might call a "breaker bar".  Here is what it looks like and how it fits on the swing handle to add torque power.

The gang has been invited to a friend of Kyra's for lunch today, so she can meet us all.  Louise is a wonderful lady who has been travelling the country in her NeXus Viper Class C motor home.  Today was her birthday, so we were honoured to celebrate it with her.  She loves to boon dock, but for now is hunkered down in an RV park in Apache Junction, just down the road from us.

Louise insisted on making lasagna for lunch and all we had to bring was some appetizers.  Her lasagna was the best I have tasted in a while and was more cheesy than tomato.  I like it that way.  We all enjoyed her lunch and her tales of her travels.

After a great day with Louise and after her promising to come visit us on the mountain, we headed over to Frys to get a few supplies.  This is a nice new store with all the up to date stuff in it.  Handy to have a Starbucks next door.

And if you don't want to sip on a Starbucks while the better half is shopping, you can sidle up to the bar in Frys.  I could not believe my eyes when I spotted the bar with about 10 stools and a whole bunch of different beers on tap.  Just park the cart and have a bubbly.  I bet that will go over big.

After gathering all our supplies and making sure someone was sober enough to drive home, we headed back to the mountain to relax.  Another great evening.  Here is the view from our side window today:

Our Location tonight:  BLM near Superstition Mountain, Apache Jnct. AZ  33.4602 - 111.5085  Boondocking


  1. Wow, the birthday lady cooked for you folks. How sweet is that?
    Novel idea a bar in the grocery store, why don't they do that in Canada I wonder?
    Looks like a great day, glad you spent some time making new friends!!


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