Friday 23 February 2018

Moving Day again

Pat and Harold are almost ready to head back to be with us from a couple week hiatus in California.  They have been hanging out in Ventura CA and I think Harold has been taking surfing lessons on the side.  I KNOW that Pat is shopping.  We will have a story about their adventure when they arrive back here in the desert.  Because they are coming back and we will not be around here in the LTVA for very long, we decided to move over to dome rock free camping area until the beginning of the week.  Sue and I went over in the Jeep to scout out an area first and found one up on a mesa overlooking Quartzsite with the mountains right behind us.  If you wanted to buy a view like this it would cost a fortune, and we get it for free!!!

We puttered around the Ponderosa for most of the morning getting things ready for the move.  We were getting close to firing up when Rick and Kathy (Its About Time) drove in.  They were heading to town so decided to see where we lived.  We had a nice chat, and because we didn't exchange pictures the other day, as good bloggers should, we snapped a couple for the records.  They were on a mission so they said they will come find us on Sunday out at Dome Rock.

So we moved everything the few miles to Dome Rock in the afternoon.

Kyra had mentioned that she may just stay put and not follow us up into the hills, but by the time we got water and dumped our tanks, we got a text saying she was "locked and loaded".  Living in the desert would not be complete without her, so we were tickled pink that she followed us after all.  I'm sure she shakes her head sometimes at the places we drag her.  Life for her would be so much simpler without us.

It wasn't long before Ed and Lessie made the trip up the mountain too.  The Bird looks happy to be here.

 It seems like once again we have found an awesome spot to spend a few days.  It is a bit windy up here on the ridge but the bonus is the awesome view.

The view from our window tonight:

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at Dome Rock BLM, near Quartzsite AZ   33.6398 - 114.3136


  1. Do you guys get a group discount in a camp ground? Hahaha....just kidding.

    Looks like a nice spot. We love Dome Rock. We could see Q from our spot as well. Some great views from over there.

    Enjoy your stay!!!!!

  2. Our little group reminds me of Gypsies. We stick together for quite a while before heading our separate ways. You can't expect much of a discount when the charge is "FREE" lol

  3. Maybe next year we will come out for a month if everything goes well at our end ...see u guys soon..miss u


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