Tuesday 27 February 2018

A Shopping Day

Today was still supposed to be cool in Yuma so we planned a shopping day so we could stay indoors.  We were a bit surprised when the temperature went up to 17C but there was a breeze.  First stop was Cracker Barrel for an early lunch or late breakfast.  This is the Cracker Barrel where all of the RV spots are full of cars and trucks, so if one came along, there would be no where to park.  Just a pet peeve of mine.

We drove all around Yuma looking for a store that sells LED lights for a Motor Home.  I thought for sure there would be lots of them but I was wrong.  We finally found one that had some but they were expensive.  Oh well beggars can't be choosers.  After our LED hunt we headed to the mall to find a few things for the girls.   Then we stopped at Pet Smart to buy Charlie some suave for his paw.  One of his pads has cracked real bad and we are having a tough time getting it to heal up.  It is really close to being good but we want to make sure.  We make him wear a cute little sock after we have put the stuff on it, and he leaves it on like a trooper.

We stopped at a Sprouts Store to see what they had for healthy food.

It was a great store if you need organic stuff at an inflated price.  I'm from a farm community and have witnessed how our food is produced and realize that organic labeling is sort of a farce.  The only thing that happens when the organic middleman gets involved stamping "Organic" on it, is that he adds a nice little sum to the price.   A lot of organic and non organic products come from the same field.  My opinion is that it is simply a money game.  Rant over.

We headed over to Fry's to get some normal food and some gas for the Jeep before heading for home.  Ed and Lessie have arrived and found a nest for the "Bird".  Will be nice to have them around again.  Kyra will not be with us until we get back to Quartzsite in 10 days or so.

Lessie came over soon after we got home to draw our attention to the awesome sunset.  By the time I got the picture it was not quite as spectacular.

The view from our window today:

Our Location Today: Boondocking near Ogilby Road, Winterhaven CA. 32.8572 -114.8343


  1. The cars parking in RV spaces at the Yuma Cracker Barrel has always bugged us as well! You can get a great selection of LED lights at the Arizona Marketplace and entry is free if you go on Thursday (and maybe Friday), otherwise it's a $1.00 a person ... and that is a pet peeve of mine ... why should I pay money to spend money in a shopping area???

    1. I've realized its ok to have pet peeves, but have also learned to ignore them. Can't help but mention them from time to time.

  2. Wonder if TV dinners are heath food😂. We had a Ranger stop by last night checking on squatters. He gave us a pass for now.

    I would have thought Yuma would have RV lights everywhere, but I guess not.

    1. TV dinners are a great health food. They have the three main ingredients listed in my food guide... Meat, Potatoes, and Gravy, and you can always throw out the veggies!!!

  3. I think the Ranger stopped by as he could see OUR Canadian plates and well, thought maybe we might be related or something. Hahaha... Sue and the other ladies would have enjoyed the ranger visit. Very handsome fella!!!!Friendly too.

    Glad you managed to find the lights and I also have to agree about the Organic label. I too believe it's a money grab.

    With regards to the parking lots, you can't fix stupid. So you just have to learn to either work around the problem, or just ignore it. It's the same in any parking area you go to. Ever notice how the part you park in with your MH is empty but as soon as you park there people have to crowd in right next to you, in front or behind you? It's like mob mentality or something.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed your day and so glad Charlie's paw is getting better. He's such a cutie with his little sock!!

    1. Charlie says thanks!!! We were there for 3 weeks, so it is probably us he was trying to guard against. We were on the border of squatting!!!

  4. I have the same peeve about people using the RV/Bus parking for their cars. I no longer hesitate to park along a curb and use up Six Parking Spots. Sounds like a fair trade to me.
    Glad Charlie's pad is starting to heal.
    If you had mentioned that you were looking for Reasonably Priced and Dependable LEDs I would have sent you to Discount Solar. We might still be in the area when you get back.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on Discount Solar. We will be back in Q before we head north.


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