Thursday 15 February 2018

The Lost Chairs owner returns

The weather is a little cooler in the mornings so everyone is a little later in coming out of their warm cozy homes to have coffee on the deck.  It is still beautiful and by 10 or so no one even remembers it was cool.  Today Sue and I are going to Parker for a supply run.  I had forgotten that it is a good 45 minute drive, but it is always nice driving in the desert. 

We arrived just after lunch and drove around the town exploring for a while.  Then we headed for Walmart.  We had to pick up some groceries and we were also on a mission to make a major kitchen purchase!!!  Well maybe not major, but it was on sale for $8.97.  lol

I like to think of toasters as throw away items.  I never like to have them long enough to clean them, and when you pay the price I do for one, they don't often last long. 

After we left Walmart we were driving south and spotted Spanky's RV.  We turned in and lo and behold they have toilets on sale.  Ours is old and cracked and really needs to be replaced so we have been watching for a good price on one.  The Dometic 310 has been for sale for 239.00 at a lot of places and the other day we saw it at RV lifestyles for 179.00 which we thought was a good price.  Well Spankies have a blow out on the one we want for 149.00 so we are now the proud owners of a new toilet.  Just add it to Lorne's list of things to do!!!!  Like the RV repair shops say, this may take a few days!!!!

We headed for home with our treasures and were only home for a few minutes when a little grey Jeep drove up and Doug and Yuma from Miss Adventure Travels showed up.  There is a little story behind this visit.  Last year when Blog Fest was over and we were cleaning up, there was a spare lawn chair sitting there.  Being the host it was my responsibility to find its rightful owner.  Sue had taken individual pictures of everyone so I checked through and there it was!!  Doug Laning!! 

That was 13 months ago and we have carried it with us to Canada and back.  oops I didn't declare it!!
We have been close to each other numerous time but just couldn't make the connection.  We thought maybe Bloggerfest this year but I didn't make it there, so when Doug said in his blog that he was heading east on I-10 a few days ago, I told him to drop by and pick it up and have a visit.  So that is what he did and we enjoyed a nice chat with him and Yuma.  He was sporting his new beardless look today and it suits him quite well.

We had a great happy hour chatting about everything and anything.  Charlie and Yuma just didn't hit it off.  Charlie was in a grumpy mood today, and Yuma wanted to play.  So Charlie stayed in the Ponderosa.

We are always pleased when friends drop by for a chat.  Safe Travels Doug and Yuma.  By the time we got done chatting the sun was sinking in the west and it was neat to see all the jet trails turning pink. 

The view out our window today:

Our Location tonight:  Boon docking at West La Posa LTVA, near Quartzsite AZ  Doug told me that the GPS I have been using on the map is wrong so here is the correct one.  33.6572 - 114.228



  1. Glad you're getting a new throne installed. No one likes a cracked throne. There is another RV store in town too, they also have excellent prices.

    I bet Doug was happy to reclaim his chair. He mentioned to us that you've been hauling it around for him. Poor Charlie, I think Yuma will be a pup forever. He's just so full of energy, he's a cutie and so friendly. Doug looks very different without his beard. Glad you folks had a good visit. Doug is such a sweetheart.

    Nice sunset picture. Love those colours!!

    1. We have only met Doug briefly once before at Bloggerfest 2017 so it was nice to sit and chat with him for a bit. And Yuma has some character. They make a good pair.

  2. Thanks for holding that chair all this time. Finally got the transfer accomplished!

    Great seeing everyone again, now it's time to move on.

  3. I guess maybe we should have given you something of ours to keep for a year. That way we have to cross paths at least once a year. Safe Travels.


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