Tuesday 11 October 2016

A drive down memory lane

Today our daughter Kaitlyn and Sue wanted to take a trip down memory lane.  Sue was born and raised in Pembroke Ontario and her mom and dad
spent many good years there even after Sue moved to Manitoba after completing High School.  Kaitlyn has many fond memories of spending time with grandma and grandpa either at their house in Pembroke or at Mink Lake. So off we went on our tour which ended up being 600 kms round trip.

We headed east on #17 which took us through some very pretty country.  The little lakes seem to be quietly preparing for winter and the trees are still spectacular colours.

We arrived in Pembroke and drove around the town checking out the places Sue had lived and gone to school.  

Ottawa River from Pembroke
Let me note here that Sue gives me some pictures to put on here and it is not hard to see the quality difference from my IPhone pictures.  The picture above is one of hers. And the one below is mine. But they all help to tell the story.

House Sue was raised in

Elementary School

High School
It was near lunch time so we took a drive downtown to find food.  Sue was reminiscing about the chip truck she used to frequent when she was a kid and took us to where it used to be.  Well to her surprise it was still there.  Furgies Fries was still going strong.  The original owner just died last year and there was a new owner but the same truck as she remembered.  So we all had fries and a memory for lunch.

Furgies Fries truck

After lunch we headed down to Mink Lake where Sues parents had spent many years at their summer spot. The cabins were all winterized and there was no one around.  We took the liberty to poke around and checked out our friend Jeans deck.

We decided to head back through Algonquin Provincial Park and we were glad we did.  It was a very pretty drive.  We came across a campground that caught our eye. The campers looked like they have been abandoned for quite some time.  We wondered what the story might be here.

Should be Last Daze
We took a few more pictures before the sun set along highway 60. Here is me taking a picture of Sue who is taking the second picture of reflections in this lake.  Once again the picture quality change is quite noticeable.

My reflection picture

Sues Reflection picture
And to end it off here are some random pictures of buildings we saw.  There is some different architecture down here.

Four little soldiers all in a row

A quaint little shop 
The blue house

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