Monday 31 October 2016

New York City

We finally arrived in NYC.  We are actually staying in an RV park (parking lot) in Jersey City very close to Manhattan.  I'm not sure how we got here because we went on some pretty narrow and winding streets and bridges.

We arrived at Liberty Harbour RV park at about 12:30 and got checked in. I took a couple pictures of our proximity to downtown and the Statue of Liberty.  This is going to be an experience for country folk like us.

Statue of Liberty through the trees
NYC skyline
After we got settled we took Charlie to a doggy hotel and headed for Times Square.  We were pretty excited so didn't get many good pictures today.  Here are the ones we got.  
NYC finest
Rockefeller Square

It was Halloween night so the little NYC police were out too.

Sue and I went on the bus tour and it was interesting watching how the traffic and the pedestrians interact.  We almost saw some squishes and Sue had to shut her eyes.

Sue the tour guide

Pedestrians vs vehicles

We took a moment to tour St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral in Manhattan.  What a structure.

We were quite surprised to find out that Sue has her own Real Estate Company.

Once again the view from our front window


  1. I don't envy your drive through the NYC traffic but it must be nice to be so close. We love NYC and can't wait to go back. You two will have a blast there.

    1. We are having a ball. We won't be able to stay long because we will be wore out.


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