Monday 17 October 2016

Another Slow day

Today I took the MH water heater to G & P Welding and Millworks in North Bay.  This is a family owned business and they do a lot of work for big mines and also lots of bridge girders for Ontario highways.
Christian, who is a cousin of ours is one of the owners there and he told me to bring it in for them to fix.  I felt a little bit intimidated when I walked in to the shop with the little water heater, and there was a 130 ft. long girder the boys were welding on.  My job seemed a little bit insignificant.  Christian is a great guy and he assured me that they could fix the little things too.

After dropping it off, I went and picked up Sue at the Mall where she had just got a very nice haircut.  She wouldn't let me post a picture though.  We headed home for the afternoon.  It was a wet cold afternoon so we just stayed indoors.  I did notice that the lake level was going down and sand bars were showing in the water.  I guess this is normal in the fall.

Sand bar with leaves around it
The colours are still quite nice.  I am amazed how long the leaves stay on the trees.

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