Friday 21 October 2016

Susan is under the weather

Well we finally got on the road.  Susan has been feeling poorly after a round of the flu.
 About the time we got hooked up she took a turn for the worse, so against her better judgement she went to the back and went to bed and Charlie took over.
My co pilot for today
We went past a lot of very pretty scenery as we meandered along the country road toward Parry Sound.  I was surprised how many boats were still in the water.  It must freeze a lot later here than at home.

Even though Sue was down for the count in the back, she managed to come up with a spot for us to stay out in the wilderness.  It is called Torrance Berrans Conservation and Dark Sky Reserve.  Although it was dark there, a group of young people cranked up the tunes down by the beach until about 3 am.  It wasn't loud enough to bother us anyway.

It was very windy and cool so we didn't venture out far but we did have a beautiful spot to park.

This was our view out the window tonight.  Not that pretty but functional.

Sorry I got behind on the blog but sues well being is more important and she keeps me running.

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