Saturday 1 October 2016

Last day in Reston

Today was another family day with our son Derek his wife Nichole and our grandkids.  I spent time cleaning and filling water in the motorhome.
Derek showed me his drone and flew it for a while.  It is just a small one but reacts very well, except in the wind. He said he paid about 80 bucks for it but it doesn't have a camera.
Derek and his drone

After lunch Derek, Abby, Charlie and I went for a walk on a local walking trail.  It was a beautiful day so the walk was very enjoyable.  I need to get walking again like I did last winter so this was a good start.
About 72 F.

Pipestone Creek

Along the way we saw lots of sunflower fields.

We picked one and you can see the size of it compared to Abby's hand.

I forgot to post a picture of the map of our travels on Friday so here it is.  

Tomorrow we will leave Reston around 8 am and head to Winnipeg on the first leg of our journey east.  We have a fun day planned with more of our family so meet us back here tomorrow to hear about it.

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