Saturday 29 October 2016

Off to the Big Apple

We had to mail some Christmas presents home to the kids today so Sue got them all wrapped and we took them to Shoppers Drug Mart to send them.  This is probably the earliest we have ever had our Christmas shopping done.
While we were at Shoppers I noticed a hair salon across the way so I slipped in for a quick haircut.  20 bucks for a haircut and I will probably have to go back again in a couple weeks.  We need to find a way to bring my trusty hair stylist Barbie Jay along with us so we can get some good haircuts.

We headed out about noon and said goodbye to the Niagara Region and made our way across the Lewiston crossing into the USA.  

Once again it took us less than 2 minutes at the border wicket before the officer nodded his head and said have a good trip.  Nexus cards are something they really push around this area, so I think when we renew our passports next summer I will look into getting one of them.

We have decided that unless we have something pressing at the other end of our trip, we will follow secondary highways and enjoy the relaxed speeds and beautiful country.  We have done just that since we left North Bay and today was no exception.  The country side and the architecture are absolutely stunning, and our speed has ranged from 50 kms to 80 kms. 

As usual Sue found us a little spot out in the country in a little bit of State owned land. It was a great little spot to spend the night except for the squirrel that kept chirping all night.  The gently rain lulled us to sleep.

And here for anyone who is interested is the GPS location.

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