Sunday 16 October 2016

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We both agree that we need to move on soon.  We need to get away from all of the family meals.
 Had a great one again today at Sues cousins. Thanks Meggan and Gerry.

Sue has been playing around with our blog site.  One of the things we want to have is a map of where we have travelled each year.  We also want to be able to plot where we plan on heading a couple weeks in advance.  Check out the map on the information bar on the left.  Remember this is a work in progress right now.

Another thing that we have on our blog site is a direct link to Amazon.  If you use Amazon for all the good deals on there, you can now access it from our Blog site and we will get a small commission on the purchase.  Remember this does not cost you any extra on your order, so we would appreciate you taking a minute and bookmarking this link for all of your future Amazon purchases.  A little more fuel in our tank means we see more stuff to share with you on our blog, so it is a win win.

I am in the process of reloading all of our historical blogs on this site.  This is being done to make sure there is an archive of our travels to look back on.  If your are new to our site you are welcome to check on some of our travels from the past.  We are also adding tabs at the top of the page to take you to different pages which feature a little biography of Sue and I and another one that shows you our Motor home and what it has for features.  I will also reload the renovations tab in the near future so you can see all the changes we are making to the MH as we get time.

Don't forget to check out our fellow bloggers from the side bar.  We have met a lot of these people and they have been blogging for years.  Travel with Kevin and Ruth are the world traveller types and have very interesting stories from all over the world.  Al and Kelly from The Bayfield Bunch are snowbirds and Al and his dog Pheebe tour the country taking the most interesting photos.  If you love dogs and travel rvsue and her canine crew are a good read.  Long time friends of ours Dee and Jim write a blog called Tumbleweed. Although they have settled in Florida, they have visited every state in the USA and a couple Canadian Provinces in there RV and kept an awesome record of those travels. Crofts Mexico and other wanderings was a blog about Mexican travels but has moved to journalize their snowbird lives. Our Awesome Travels is an easy reading blog about snowbird life.  These are all people we have met in our travels so far.  They have a wealth of information to share if you are thinking about finding warmer winters.  Check them out.  We hope to meet a lot more Bloggers as we travel on.

We are also on Facebook and Sue is in charge of that so her updates on there are different than you will see here.  Check it out up in the top left corner of the sidebar.

Tomorrow will be a project day so will have some more boring repairs and renovations to share.  See you then.

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