Friday 28 October 2016

An Amazon order

Last night when we went to bed it was around 8C.   When we woke up this morning it was about 16C.  That was totally unexpected.

We got our laundry all done today and watched some TV.  Our lives right now are totally boring.  We got confirmation that our medicals are all ready to go for a Saturday departure to the US.  Now we have to finish up all our odds and ends and get ready to head to New York.

We also ordered some things from Amazon that will be shipped to our friends Jim and Dee in Florida and we will pick them up there.  The thing I ordered was a 12v clock for the bedroom.  It comes complete with a battery voltage meter which will let me see the state of our batteries at any time.  As a bonus it comes with interior and exterior temperatures.  For $12.99 I had to give it a try.

Tomorrow we head across the border finally.

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