Tuesday 18 October 2016

Rainy Day

I have had a pair of new windshield wipers hidden away in the basement and today was the day to change them. Normally I wouldn't change wipers this time of year because in Canada they always freeze to the windshield and in the process of scraping windows when they are frosty I generally rip one or both.  However now with our chasing the warm weather lifestyle, that won't happen.

After that job was done I decided the whole MH needed a wash down.  She will look pretty heading down the highway now.

All shone up
After lunch I headed up to get my hot water tank from the welding shop.  Like I say I felt a bit small with my tank at this great big welding shop.

G & P Welding
The welder said that the tank just seemed to have one weak spot so he welded it up.  He said he will guarantee me 3 showers.  Was nice of Christian not to charge me but he did suggest maybe a case of beer next time we stop by their house.  Thanks Christian.

One the way home the clouds let loose and I had to pull over for a couple minutes to let the rain pass. It was a nice warm rain and there were a few people walking along soaked to the skin. Because of the rain I didn't get to put the hot water tank back in.

The wind today has blown a lot of the leaves off the trees and it is looking like the cold grips of winter are not far off.  

Even Charlie is satisfied to just lay in a sunbeam on the carpet.

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