Wednesday 19 October 2016

Pizza for supper

Short story today.  I am slowly getting my walking legs back and I went for a 2 mile walk today.  I have found that walking makes me feel so much better.

Now the story.  Today we invited Sues sister for supper so we had to go downtown to get supplies for Sues famous home made pizza.  Sue, Charlie, and I went downtown to a store called Orchards Fresh Food Market which is a fresh vegetable, meat, and baked goods store.  The owners go and pick the stuff they want from the wholesaler, so quality is #1.  But because of that the prices are a little higher.  Sue picked up some pepperoni, fresh veggies, and of course some cookies.  On the way home we remembered we needed milk so stopped to get some.  Sue dashed in and I went to the Hardware store for about 5 minutes. Guess what?  We didn't think about Charlie in the car for a few minutes and yes, he ate $22.00 worth of our supplies including the lemon cookies. Needless to say he got no supper that night and I had to make a quick road trip back to the store.

We had a nice visit with our guests in the evening.

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