Wednesday 5 October 2016

Nipigon to Matheson Ontario

 It was a beautiful morning when we woke up.  About 13C which is warm for this time of year.  Charlie and I went for a little walk on the beach at our overnight spot.  The beach reminds me of what you would
see along the ocean in BC with all the driftwood.  It is also missing the waves but we did manage to spot a bald eagle.
Bald eagle

Today was a very uneventful travel day and because we had a lot of miles to cover we didn't take time to stop and look at anything.  Just a few pit stops at playgrounds for Grace to stretch her legs then back on the road.  One thing that I did enjoy was some of the truss bridges we crossed.  They are quite the feat of engineering considering a lot of them were built in the earlier 1900's. 

We certainly have had no problem finding pretty spots to stop for lunch. Yesterday a waterfall and today a pretty lake.

I found a weird mushroom on the lawn near the lake and because I am not a mushroom expert, I have no idea what kind it is, but it was sort of pretty in its own way.

 Tonight we are visiting with our friends Kevin and Ruth because they have been meandering across Ontario on their way to Ottawa, and we have been driving like mad men, and it turns out we caught up to them just before they turned east to take the road through Quebec.  We enjoyed a short visit last night and will be parting ways in the morning. We hope to visit them at their campground in Cabri Saskatchewan in the spring on our way home from Alberta.
Sherman and our MH parked together for the night.
A few blogs back I mentioned that we went to the show "The Book of Morman" on Sunday.  It was a bit of a raunchy spoof on religion and I did feel a bit guilty watching it, so it is ironic, or maybe a bit redeeming that tonight we were allowed to park in the Pentecostal Church parking lot in Matheson Ontario.  I almost feel I should spend a bit of time inside explaining my wayward ways on the weekend.
Parked at church

We had a good travelling day and made almost 700 kms today.

I would like to end my daily blog with a picture from our living room window. Tonight our picture is of Sherman, Kevin and Ruth's trusty travel companion. You can tag along on their amazing adventures, and believe me they have lots..


  1. It was great seeing you guys again. Glad that we could spend the evening together chatting away. Have a good travel day today and enjoy the time with your family over the next month.

    1. Yes, we enjoyed your visit as well. Enjoy your time with family as well...

  2. Enjoying the trip with you guys! Careful with those wayward ways lol!

    1. Thanks Tanis, maybe we will have a loyal following...hahaha
      Keep on watching !!

  3. Somehow I have stumbled on your blog. Lorne I thought immediately of your Mom and knew she would probably approve more of your camping spot in a Pentecostal church parking spot than your choice of theater presentations!! Sound like this is going to be a fun winter for you guys!! :)


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