Sunday 5 February 2017

Blogger Fest 2017 Review

Blogger Fest 2017 was held on Saturday January 28th 2017 at the Ramada “Pavilion” in South La Posa LTVA south of Quartzsite Arizona.  The day was a little on the cool side but was much warmer than the weather we had been experiencing.  Sue and I were pleased to host the event along with some help from some fellow bloggers.
 Shadow Moss brought the Blog Fest signs all the way from near Phoenix, but she assured me she would have attended anyway.  Thanks Paula and George and Suzie for your support with this event.  John Pickard managed to get us all together for a group picture. Thanks John. A few of you posted our advertisement on your blogs which helped out a lot.  And I borrowed a few pictures from a few of your blogs so thank you.  I apologize if I have anything wrong or have missed information and if you know the correct information please comment and I will change it in the original blog.

After everyone had assembled we proceeded with introductions.  I challenged everyone to tell us a bit more about themselves and why they blogged.   I think everyone does it for a journal of their travels, as well as a way to share their experiences with either friends or family.  I also asked everyone to tell us whether they find doing a blog, fun or work?    Everyone agreed that for the most part it is fun, but when lives get busy and the weather is nice and friends are gathering it becomes work.  Some just lengthen the time between blogs while others just put their heads down and get it done.  Most of the people gathered do not earn an income from blogging so if they miss a few it is not the end of the world.  Everyone was quite willing to share their blogging experiences and we all enjoyed hearing the stories.  Pictures are in random order and some are not great quality.  I-Phones are made for texting more than taking pictures I think.

Anne Henderson - Right Brain Right Lane
Areane - The Frugal Humanist
Barb Dewell - Me and my Dog & My RV
Bill Richards - On Our Way
Bob & Stacie Osborne - Maxx Trails
Bud Burke - Follow the Daze
Croft Randle - Crofts Mexico
Dee White - Gone RVing
Diana Tolerico - Life on the open Road
Doug Laning & Yuma - Miss Adventure Travels
Frank & Chris Amon - Blurkers
Gaelyne - Geogypsy -Travel
George & Suzie - Our Awesome Travels
Glenda Lane - Casita Escapes
Kimberly Raines-The Travels of Kimbo Polo
Kent & Dianne - Blurkers
John & Aileen Pickard - John and Aileen on the Road

John Daigle - RVing with a Disability
Jim & Barb Nelson - Jim and Barbs RV Adventure
Kyra Miller -Blurker
Larry Deeds - Blurker

Pat & Harold Dyck - Blurkers
Pat Richards - Chillin with Patsy
Paula Porter (Shadowmoss) - In the Shadows
Pleinguy - Plein Air Journey
Rhonda Fleming - Me the Toad and the Road
Rick & Kathy Rousseau - Its About Time
Shawn & Kim Hall - Shifting Gears

Sue & Lorne - A Place Called Away

After a few questions and answers we all enjoyed some snacks while mingling.  It was really great to meet a lot of new people and meet some of the bloggers we follow, in person.  This year we even had some people who do not blog, but who read others blogs.  We agreed that we will call them “Blurkers” which translates to “Blog lurkers”.   Without them, blogging would be in vain. 

Round table introductions
Blogger reunion
Pick a sunny spot to stand
Everyone agreed that receiving comments on blogs was very important.  Comments let us know that someone is out there reading our blog.  The comments do not need to be detailed but rather just a mention of the fact you were there.

I think the consensus was that we should have a 4th annual Blogger Fest, so mark it on your calendar tentatively for the last Saturday of the RV show in Quartzsite Arizona in January 2018.  We would love to have all the RV blogging world turn out for the event.

If anyone wishes to obtain a copy of the sign in sheet names and blogs let me know and I will forward it to them.  My contact information is 

Until then, everyone be safe and keep on blogging.


  1. Nice. We enjoyed the first Bloggerfest, but we're unlikely to ever be in Quartzsite again...maybe you can change the venue to Mexico where the weather is always warmer! :-)

    1. Now that would be a novel idea. Or we could have two of them.

  2. It was a fun venue glad that y"all hosted it this year.

  3. Thank you, this is a wonderful summary of the day.

  4. Thanks for the write up and great pictures. Will mark the calendar for next year.

  5. I really enjoyed the blogger fest. I have a new resolve to get my blog ( back up and running. Thanks for hosting.

    1. Im glad to hear that. I just realized I didn't get a picture of you. You were there weren't you. If so, sorry I missed you.

  6. Thanks for the great group picture and everything you two did to host this year's Bloggerfest. Very enjoyable.

  7. I was happy to see Kyra -- I met her in my hometown of Mountain City Tennessee -- since she does not blog i find it hard to keep up with her so this was a nice surprise---glad you had a lot of fun and I look forward to being with you next year.

  8. I'm looking forward to attending this year since we are in Q for the first time. I found the flyer by accident, so was very excited to be able to participate. Thank you for this informative blog about a past Blogger Fest!


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