Sunday 5 March 2017

A Dust Storm

The girls had some things to do in town today so the boys took the opportunity to stay home and do nothing.  We did go for a walk down to the water but the wind was terrible and blew dust so hard that it hurt our legs when we were outside.  Good day for inside things (like naps).

Sue has been researching the new AT&T Mobley internet device that is out and is convinced that this will be the system for us.  It is way cheaper than the Verizon we now have and has just as good of coverage.  It still will be no good for us in Canada but we can just revert back to our MTS internet there and supplement with our Rogers plan on our phones.  If you want to see some good information on this go to Technomedia's Blog and read up on it.  This is what they do for a living so they know what they are talking about.  Any how that is what Sue went to get in Vegas.  You can see it on the AT&T web site as well.

Nice clean little unit
My project for the afternoon was to give Charlie a bath.  He gets so fluffy when he is bathed and with the wind today he won't be going out much to get all dirty again.

After lunch the wind started really picking up.  This is what my weather app said.

As the day progressed the winds got higher and higher.  It even got to rocking the Ponderosa which is not normal because of our weight.  I took some pictures out my side window over a period of time in the afternoon that show the dust blowing from the plains of Las Vegas.

Like back in Manitoba in a snow storm
When the girls were coming back we were watching out the window as they came in from about 2 miles away.  As they were getting closer we noticed a couple of vehicles coming behind them real fast with blue and red lights flashing.  We thought, oh no, what have they done now.  They parked by the Ponderosa and the park rangers kept going down to the water.  Whew!!!! Three more rangers showed up and then the Lake Mead EMS and we noticed the park rangers boat out in the water.  We spent quite a while trying to figure out what was going on, and at one point a ranger came to our door and asked if we were missing anyone.  He wouldn't say what was going on, and we have since heard nothing about what it was.  About 9 pm after about 4 hours of searching the water and the edge of the lake, all the action stopped and they all went away.  Very strange.

After supper we all sat around and played LRC.  Kevin and Rhonda told us of a couple rule additions which made the game way more fun.  In the end everyone gave us back our quarters that we had loaned from our laundry fund and we all headed to our respective homes for the night.

Im not going to look but I'm sure she is cheating!!!
Tonight we are at Lake Mead on Government Wash Road 36.12391, -114.8338 and this is the dusty view from our window.


  1. We had the wind here but not dusty. Love the game LRC a fun easy game to play./

  2. Was windy there. Wonder if someone was turned over in their boat in all that wind. We didn't have any wind here. Just a beautiful day.

  3. Your pictures reflect some pretty glum faces, I seem to remember quite a bit of laughter and giggles. What's with that?


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