Tuesday 21 March 2017

I See the Light

Today started much like yesterday with everyone up to see the hot air balloon appear over the hill.  They load up down in the valley west of us and rise up slowly and float over top of us.  We are not in a position to see the balloon until it comes up over the hill, so it is like watching the sun rise.

Well we did move today but not very far.  When Sue and I returned from a quick trip to town we saw our neighbour, who had the spot we had last year overlooking the valley, just pulling out.   The spot is only about 50 feet behind our current spot, but has a better view of the valley.  We quickly parked the jeep there and went to alert P&H and starting pulling in slides and firing up the Ponderosa.  Not 2 minutes after we parked the Jeep in the spot, another truck camper came looking to park there.  I think a lot of people had their eye on this prime piece of real estate, but we were closest and "Johnny on the Spot".

The other night when we went up to Jerome in the dark I was bothered by the fact that my lights have fogged over to the point where it is tough to see the road on low beams.  When you get traveling the windy roads in the mountains on an unfamiliar road it can get quite tense.  Our daughter Sheri-Lyn had bought me a

3M Headlight Renewal Kit with Protectant (39045) to bring my headlights back to sparkling new for Christmas and I decided today was the day to try it out.

I pulled the Jeep into the circle and everyone else decided to pull up a chair and watch the transformation. As you can see, what I was doing must have been really boring.

Here is what the lights looked like before I started the process.

The process involves using a number of sanding discs starting with course and working down to a fine one.  Not hard work, but it does take some time.

At one point, the girls thought we may need to go and buy new headlights as I had them all sanded up.

A nice buffing and some rubbing compound and sealer and this was the final product.  I was quite impressed.  Can't wait to try them out.  If your interested, the kit is available on our Amazon site for $32.08 CND .

We had the traditional bonfire tonight but added a little twist.  I got the drone out and sent it up to take a few pictures.

Tonight we are camped on BLM land near Cottonwood AZ at 34.66837, -111.9620 and this is the view from our window.


  1. Nice drone shot of you all sitting around the fire.

  2. The view from the window is great but the drone shot of the campfire trumps it. Beautiful night picture.

  3. Love the hot air balloon advantage you have and the drone shot is great!

  4. I love the shot of us all around the campfire!

  5. Great job on those headlights!


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