Saturday 4 March 2017

Fixit Day

Today was a day to hang around the Ponderosa and get caught up on a bunch of projects.  It was electrical day today.  I love to tinker around with all things electric and see what gadgets I can hook up to make lights blink and things whistle and whirr.

For the first project I wired in a 12 volt plug near the front passenger seat so Sue can plug in the Magellan while we are traveling.  The white cord hanging down is a USB cord for her phone as well.

Then I wired in a 12 volt fan in the bedroom on Sues side of the bed.  She likes the air blowing on her, while I like to curl up with the covers right up to my chin.  This will work great and keep us both happy.

I installed a 12V plug rather than hard wiring the fan so if she wants to move it or plug something else in she can.  The plug I put in had a couple USB ports as well to charge her phone overnight.

On one of my trips outside in the wind to get parts I noticed a lovely yellow flower starting to bloom.  We hope to see a lot of flowers before we have to head north.

Anyone know what it is?
A while back I installed a clock/thermometer/voltmeter on my side of the bed that I can monitor at night.  I also installed a toggle switch so I can see what the voltage of my chassis batteries are as well.  Kind of a man thing I guess, but I love it.  The toggle is under the slide switch.

My side of the bed has lots of gadgets which kind of make me feel important even when I have retired for the night.  One must keep an eye on the homestead at all times for the little lady, so this is how I do it.  If I am cold I reach up and turn up the thermostat.  If it is too dark, I reach up and turn on the light.  I could even put the slide in or out if I wanted.  Notice that I control the remote control for the bedroom TV as well.  And I have a USB to charge my phone and my fitbit.  And hidden behind the pillow, which you can't see, is my heart monitor and blood pressure cuff.  And a speaker above my head so I can hear the music.  There is nothing I can't do right from my pillow.  I have no need to even get out of bed in the morning.

Last thing I did today (before I got too hungry and had to have supper) was to secure Susan's neat little side stand to the wall.  It tends to move out in the way of the slide while we travel, and I was afraid I might squish it sometime.  It belonged to her grand dad so is important to her.  A couple of screws through the back fixed that problem.

Today just got windier and windier as the day progressed and it is supposed to be windy tomorrow as well.  Glad I had these projects to fill my day.  The sunset was spectacular again today.  I got a nice picture of it right from my easy chair in the living room out the side window.  I wonder if a person is here long enough if they get complacent and don't see them anymore.

Tonight we are at Lake Mead on Government Wash Road 36.12391, -114.8338 and this is the view from our window.


  1. Boy oh boy you have been busy!!!! You are very creative and skilled with electricity. I really like all the gadgets you have installed to make life easier!! So glad you remembered to secure that remote on your side of the bed.😀😀
    Those sunsets would never grow old for me!!

  2. I'm going to start calling you Mr. Gadget. :D I wonder the same thing about the mountains and the sunrise/sunsets, do local folk tire of them? I can't imagine, each one is spectacular!

  3. Beautiful sunset! Wish I could do those little jobs. I would probably just blow a fuse if I tried to put a new plug in.

  4. Sounds like you had a busy day but one you thoroughly enjoyed.
    I cannot imagine every getting tired of the sunrises/sunsets with the mountains and desert as backdrops. I have wondered the same thing do people who have always lived here become complacent? Then I realized how I never get tired of the beauty that surrounds us when we are camped near Lake Michigan or Superior.


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