Friday, 24 March 2017

There's a Mouse in the House

One of the things that sometimes happens when it rains is that a poor wee mouse is driven from the outdoors into the warm dry environment of our house.  Well thats what has happened to us except that we don't believe this guy is wee by the huge sounds he makes.  He is like a bull in a china shop and knocks things over in the pantry and rips and tears at the chip bags with a vengeance.  We heard him  tonight over the sound of the TV so I found  6 mouse traps and set them with a tasty treat of peanut butter.

Now lets go back to the beginning of the day. We headed to Phoenix this morning for a visit with Aunt Brenda and Don.  They spend the winter in Mesa at a real nice park on the eastern limit of Mesa called Viewpoint RV and Golf Resort.  They have a nice park model with everything that snowbirds need to survive the winter here. The park has a swimming pool which is kept quite warm so I love to head to that one.  We spent a couple hours there talking and floating around.

After a nice visit we all went out for supper at Outback.  Outback is one of the restaurants that come close to going to the "Keg" in my opinion.  We have never had a bad meal at an Outback.

We had a short wait for our table so because it was a nice evening we sat out on the deck waiting to be called.

Outback is the home of the "Bloomin Onion" so of course we had one to share followed by a good steak supper.  One of the things I noticed around Phoenix is the explosion of colour as all the trees and flowers and even the weeds are in blossom.  I am not much of a photographer, nor am I a flower expert so I will just post a few pictures of what I saw to show you what we saw.

We took our time eating and by the time it was time to say goodbye, it was dark outside.  We will stop to see Aunt Brenda and Don again next year sometime.

Because of the late hour this was the view from the window of our Jeep in Phoenix as we left for home.


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