Wednesday 8 March 2017

Where did the water come from?

Today was another of those odd job days.  Charlie and I started it out with a walk down to the water.  There are usually some boats around and fishermen trying to catch the big one.  It was no different today.

While we have been here, Harold and I have been mentioning that we think the water level is going up.  Nobody can seem to tell us, nor have we asked, whether this is true, so Harold has made the statement that he has spotted a little hump of sand sticking out of the water and he bets that by the time we leave on Sunday, that spot will be under water.  I took him up on the bet and am hoping to win a dollar from him.  Actually I think he might be the one that wins.  I will update you on Sundays blog.

For a while we have been noticing a spongy spot in our floor between the kitchen and living room.  We took up the laminate flooring there and found no moisture but there was a discolouration of the floor where moisture had been.  My suggestion was to leave the flooring off and see if we can find out where the moisture is coming from and to make sure we don't have any pipes leaking.  So this is the floor my wife has been living with for a month or more.

I got busy doing some cleaning in the Ponderosa and had taken all of the AC vents down and put them in the sink to scrub them.  It is always nice to clean those things that get neglected for the most part.  My cleaning methods include a good hearty scrubbing in the sink with lots of water splashing.  Thats just the way I do things.

When I got done my scrubbing I went around the other side of the sink to put the vents back up and what did I see?   Water dripping down from the kitchen counter, right where the suspicious spot is. I did get it stopped before it made a big puddle, but it does show me that I may have found out what caused the problem.  I guess I will have to get on with fixing the floor now and put the laminate back on.

Spent the rest of the day working on stuff related to taxes and also getting stuff ready for when we open CJ's in May.  That will creep up on us fast.

Tonight we are at Lake Mead on Government Wash Road 36.12391, -114.8338 and this is the view from our window.

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  1. Glad you found out where that water was coming on to the fix!!


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