Saturday, 11 March 2017

Somethings burning

Today was a really warm day at Lake Mead.  Lots of people are starting to come here for the weekends now and there is lots of boat traffic on the lake.  This must be quite a busy spot in the summer for everyone to come and play in the water.

After lunch P&H and I took the dogs and headed down to the water.  I went in up to my knees and it is quite cold, but is the water ever clear.  Charlie and Lexi loved to drink it to cool down too.

By the time we got back it was time for Happy Hour at P&H's house.  What a pleasure to be around such beautiful ladies with smiles a mile long.  Susan was not in the picture but would fit the beautiful lady description as well.  Pat had picked up a small bottle of Vodka at Costco today and seemed to be making quick work of it.  (joking).

Pat and Kyra
Harold and I had our work cut out to get rid of all of the cardboard boxes we had collected since arriving here.  We also had a bit of wood to help with the fire.  Looks like a wiener roast may be in order.

Harold got the fire going but woops, it seems like there was something plastic in there.  We sent up a few smoke signals for a while but the black smoke soon settled down.

A little bit black
Fires can look like a lot of things but we definitely had a face in ours tonight.

And it got even scarier looking as the fire enveloped it.  There is something magical about a fire.

We had a great evening by the fire watching all of the planes coming in to Vegas.  Where we are parked, we are on a flight path for the McCarren Airport so they all fly right over us on the way to the runway.  We figure there is about a half million dollars going into the economy from the passengers on every plane that lands here.  That would include hotels, meals, gambling, shows and all the other stuff people spend money on..  I figure around 50 planes an hour in the evening so that equates to 25 million in revenue comes to Las Vegas each hour.  Mind boggling.

Tonight we are at Lake Mead on Government Wash Road 36.12391, -114.8338 and this is the view from our window.


  1. I can't wait to hit Lake Meade next week! It sounds like you guys have had a great time there 😊

  2. Wow, that is a lot of air traffic flying overhead! Bill would love that!

  3. I have Lake Mead on my radar for next year. Looks like a neat place to stay.


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