Thursday 30 March 2017

I'm not going anywhere

We had planned to start our trek northward today but after looking at the weather forecast we have decided to stay right here until about Sunday.  The first part of our journey north will include some higher elevations and that means possibility of snow and ice and we don't like that stuff anymore.  Flagstaff is not that far north of here and it is snowing there right now.

We went on a little tour and as you can see the snow is right over the hill. Actually that is just clouds, but it sure looks like snow doesn't it?

Later in the evening I found this little mouse nest in the bathroom cupboard.  Now I feel all sad because the mouse I caught obviously wanted to come to Canada with us and I put an end to his dreams.  On the other hand I am happy to say I am doing what I can to stop illegal immigration.

Tonight we are camped on BLM land near Cottonwood AZ at 34.66837, -111.9620 and this is the view looking from our yard out over our kingdom.


  1. Smart to stay where it's warm. I got back here to Illinois on Monday afternoon and today is the first day of sunshine. At least it is not cold.

  2. Very funny blog Lorne 😊 And good decision on staying were you are for a few more days!


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