Wednesday 29 March 2017

So Long to Friends and Hello to Friends

Today was a bit of a bitter sweet day.  Pat and Harold and Julie headed out into the boondocking wilderness by themselves today.  They will be boondocking near Apache Junction overlooking Superstition Mountain at one of our favourite spots.  Today we said so long for a month or so while they make their way slowly up to Manitoba, while we will head north to Alberta and then to Manitoba with the intention of being home around May 1st.  Harold busied himself with getting the trailer ready to go.

The girls made certain that everything that needed to be discussed was thoroughly discussed and that no real decisions were made which might have any real relevance on the outcome of any important decisions which might be made by anyone at a later date.  They seemed pleased with the outcome of their discussions.

Soon it was time for the parting and we all posed for the prescribed photos commemorating this auspicious occasion.  We kind of felt like parents sending their kids off into the world to fend for themselves.  We wish you safe travels and high bridge clearances.

Pat, Julie, Harold

All except for Lexi who felt the need to just catch a few more winks in the warm sunshine.

After they left, I went to work fixing Kyra's exhaust hanger on the back of her motor home. This should keep her tailpipe from dangling for a few years.

Then I finished moving the inverter remote from over the microwave to in the hall where our solar remote is.  I want to get everything moved to that wall so it is all in the same place.

I have been complaining about how hot my head gets with all of my thick hair, so today was the day to fix that situation.  Headed off to to Great Clips for a hair cut.  Harold had got his hair cut there a few days ago and his looked good so I followed his example.   If you remember the blog about the last Great Clips I went to in Niagara Falls Ontario, the girl there made a terrible mess of my hair.  I realize it was not the fault of the franchise, but rather just a poor hairdresser, so I wasn't hesitant to go to this one.  When the gal finished with my cut this time, which was done properly and professionally, I could feel the breeze blow through my hair again.  Thanks for restoring my faith in Great Clips.

We had a nice surprise this afternoon.  We got a message from friends Gord and Mavis Duncan that they were in the area and hoped to find time to stop and visit us for a bit.  Later in the afternoon they arrived on a nice shiny black Victory motorcycle and spent a couple hours with us.  

I have always enjoyed Gord's humor and he still has the knack to make everyone laugh.  We enjoyed their company and hope to see them again as they become more frequent visitors to the south.

Tonight we are camped on BLM land near Cottonwood AZ at 34.66837, -111.9620 and this is the view of the moon from our window.  You have to look hard.

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  1. In regards to the girls discussion, you put it so elegantly, that they had a whole lot to say about nothing.


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