Wednesday, 15 March 2017

More Canadians Eh?

Woke up this morning to some chilliness outside and a layer of frost on the lawn chair.  Thermometer shows -1C outside and 9C inside.  These are the days we heckle each other to see who is going to get up and turn on the kettle for coffee.

Although it is cool in the mornings in the Ponderosa, by 8:30 it is nice and warm outside in the sun.  While the rest of Arizona is experiencing 90+ temperatures, its in the high 70's up here on the mountain. We have a neat little road that takes us in to our spot and when we arrived it was actually quite wet if you got off the road.

We met a fellow Canadian on our way in, and he said that he had got into a little trouble with his truck the day before we arrived.  Badge and Ellen are from Edmonton Alberta and he works as a mechanic in the summers and is going to spend the winters down here like we do.  He has a 2 wheel drive truck with a topper on the back and because he is a mechanic, inside are a lot of his tools, as well as a couple large batteries to store power from his solar.  So when he went out in the soggy ground he found an extra soft spot and down he went.  He wondered if we might give him a pull in a day or so when it dried up a bit and we we said we would.  Today was the day to pull him out and it went very well.  We hooked the jeep on him and just applied steady pressure and out he came.  I think he was a little bit pleased that it came out so easy based on the smile on his face.  Hope we can cross paths again in the future.

The morning was spent doing productive things like facebook and coffee.

The facebook still seems to be going well.
After lunch we all headed into Williams to do a little shopping.  Harold and I checked out the town and saw the old Grand Canyon train on display.

The girls saw another neat Route 66 sign and Pat found Elvis "Alive and Well and living in Williams".

The downtown of Williams is quite touristy and we stopped by the local ice cream shop for some floats.  Floats would be in keeping with the Route 66 theme.

Yesterday I didn't take a good picture of our spot from the road side, so while I was waiting for Kyra to arrive I took one.  It is a very pretty spot.

And then Kyra arrived to make our circle complete again.

Sunsets here are beautiful except that you have to reach for your jacket shortly after it disappears behind the hill.   Makes for great sleeping weather.

Tonight we are in the Kaibab National Forest near Williams AZ at 35.28719, -112.1295 and this is the view from our window.


  1. Looks like you have a beautiful spot there. We were going to stay there when we went through the area 2 years ago but a sudden snowstorm came through so we stayed just a bit south of there.

  2. Brrr, your mornings made me shiver in my housecoat. Nice that you still get beautiful warm days though. Enjoy and safe travels. Those Albertans usually like to get stuck in the mud. My brother from Cold Lake makes a point of going out with his 4 x 4 with his buddies to do just that! :)

  3. Great of you to help that gentleman out of his muddy predicament. Dolly and I spent a week in Williams at a motel back in 2007. Visited the Grand Canyon! That was before our RV days.

  4. The cream soda float was awesome!


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