Friday 3 March 2017

Valley of Fire

Today we tried out Harolds new Drip coffee maker.  This one uses propane to work.  It would be an ideal unit for anyone that tents or doesn't have access to any power.  The boys put it all together and got it out on the table and screwed on a little propane bottle.

Now it was quite and ordeal getting this thing to work.  Nothing that a couple of farmers can't handle.  Harold figures if you turn this knob it should fire up.  Kevin says shhhhhh, I think I can hear it going.

Kevin figures there are holes in it so you must have to look in there to see what's happening inside.  Anyway, they finally got it going and after a long time we got a full pot of very good coffee.  That got our day started on the right foot.

After we got our eyes open and had a bite to eat we headed 50 miles up the road to visit the Valley of Fire, state park.  If you haven't been there you should put it on your bucket list.  Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

Pat and Kevin exploring

The cabins were an interesting place to visit.  They make you want to bring your sleeping bag and stay over night.  Each cabin has a little fireplace and a brick floor.  Apparently they were used a lot back in the day.

We all had a nice lunch at the cabins.  I think that was my favourite part of the day.

One of the areas have lots of petroglyphs.  We walked down a bit of a canyon to see them.  

Had to take a picture of my sweetheart to prove she was here.  

And then there was the whole crew.  

Everything we looked at was breath taking.  Pictures hardly do it any justice.

At one point we got a glimpse of Overton to the north.

I caught Kevin and Rhonda checking out the landscape, and I could almost hear them saying "don't think the corn would grow that great here!"

We really enjoyed the day.  Lots of really nice scenery.

Tonight we are at Lake Mead on Government Wash Road 36.12391, -114.8338 and this is the view from our bedroom window.


  1. Glad the propane coffee maker did so well...Will have to look into one. Had not really heard of the Valley of Fire until this post, sounds like an interesting spot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. They tell me there is generally lots of wild life, sheep,burros,horses, but we didn't see anything other than a chipmunk. Well worth visiting there.

  2. We are planning to visit Valley of Fire in a few weeks, thanks for the preview 😊

  3. Valley of Fire looks very interesting, another year for sure. Thanks!

  4. Those two looked like they were working intently on that coffee maker. Beautiful pictures of the Valley of Fire.


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