Sunday, 26 March 2017

Got Him!!!

First thing to check out this morning is the mouse traps.  Yahoo!!!  We got the little varmint.  He must of got greedy and forgot to lick the traps carefully.  Well that makes me happy because mice can make such a mess of everything and they leave poop everywhere.

Harold and Pats daughter Julie arrived last night to spend some time with her parents and to get away from some of the stress of being a teacher.   We spent the morning sharing stories over a coffee or two and then decided to head up to Jerome to check the town out.

The sign at the top of the hill said.....Well I'm not sure what the sign said but everything we wanted to see was within walking distance once we found parking.  The town of Jerome now has shuttle service from the mine parking lot farther up the hill.  This is a nice thing because parking is not easy to find in the town.

I like the old car garage where they used to bring your car in on the bottom floor, then lift it up to the second floor to work on it and bring it back down when it was fixed.

This old truck sits outside one of the stores on the main street.  I'm not sure if it runs or not but if it does it must have an air lift system on it.  No matter what, it is an interesting piece of history.

After checking out the town we worked up a bit of a hunger.  We knew exactly where we were going for lunch,  Haunted Hamburger!!!.  This restaurant is an icon to Jerome.

When you are in the dining room, look up and there is a bookshelf on the roof.  Very nice touch for the haunted theme.

They had deep fried prickly pear cactus on the menu so we had some.  It was actually very good.  I did question if it was actually cactus but remembered seeing this sign in the Montezuma Castle Monument stating that lots of people eat it.

There signage in the restaurant was brief and to the point.

There was some good entertainment at the bar so a bunch of bikers showed up to liven up the party.  They were dancing in the streets and having a good time.  I kept looking for Gord and Mavis Duncan's Victory motorcycle, but didn't see it.

We spotted one really neat trike.  It sported a V8 engine and 3 seats.

One thing about going out touring is that when you get home it is almost time for bed.  We had a quick bonfire and off to bed we went.

Tonight we are camped on BLM land near Cottonwood AZ at 34.66837, -111.9620 and this is the view from our window.


  1. Glad you caught the mouse! I am a little nervous to see what we will be coming back to with our motorhome because I Christmas when we went back to Ottawa for a visit, we saw mouse activity in the motorhome. Kevin set a couple of traps but not sure if that would do any good with us being away for the following 4 months. I am sure we will have lots of cleaning up to do in a few weeks.

    If you go into Mexico proper, you will see lots of restaurants that serve prickly pear cactus (known as nopale) there. Kevin isn't too keen on it but I don't mind it as long as there isn't tons of it on my plate. They don't deep fry it in Mexico though.

  2. OH!!! You've got my attention with the Haunted Hamburger restaurant. Love love love the ceiling bookcase. I've sent the picture to my daughter who is an even more avid reader than I am. Thanks Lorne for an entertaining post, Jerome is on our list for another year.

  3. to really get into jerome history look up in new york post ,article about a woman named hugette ? the daughter of owner of mine

  4. just google huguette clark daughter of owner of mine

  5. We've used Victor Rodent Repellents for years. They come in a pack of 4 so one per room and one in the basement. They work off of 120 volts so either at the pole or Inverter a few times a day keeps them away. We actually witnessed a few heading for our older trailer stop about twenty feet away rub their ears and run the other way. They don't bother dogs or cats. Putting my ear close it is like a light Buzzing sound.
    We've got Jerome on our list for next year.
    Glad you had a chance to share the fun with friends. Watch out for the High Winds we are getting.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Glad you got that varmint!! There is nothing dirtier to me!! Plus they chew things up.
    That bookcase is amazing!! Good touch for a haunted restaurant!!! Lol


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