Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Checking out Fellow Bloggers

Not much happening around the Ponderosa today.  Everyone went their separate ways to get some chores done and Charlie and I went for a walk.  While on our walk we ran into a couple of fellow bloggers.  The first is a person we have followed for a short while on youtube.  Panda Monium lives in a very unique motorhome and does most of her blogging by video.  We saw the unit first in Quartzsite and then again in Williams.  Now she is here in Cottonwood and I hope to get to talk to her for a while about her travels.  She uses a drone in her videos a lot and I need to learn a few things from her about it.  Stay tuned and I will write more about our meeting if it happens.  In the meantime check out all her travels on YouTube videos at Panda Monium facebook page.

Unique solar set up. (pic borrowed from her FB page)
Right across the road from her is another blogger known as Gone Walkabout.  This couple is doing much the same as we are, traveling across the country and enjoying life.  I hope we get to meet them in the next couple days as well.

Our new location gives us a nice little court yard.  I showed it to you with the night drone pictures but thought I should give you a look in the daytime.

After kicking around home for the afternoon Sue and I decided to go to town for supper and a drive.  We chose the Black Bear Diner just because it looked interesting.  Kyra had mentioned that they serve a great breakfast and Sue wanted pancakes.

The dining experience was different from anything I had seen.  We were close to the kitchen and it reminded me of a Gorden Ramsey, Hell's Kitchen.  There was one guy in the kitchen yelling orders at the other or 5 guys, and one girl on our side that only organized the meals going out to the 6 or 8 waitresses.  It was something to watch.  If you go there make sure to ask to sit at the counter by the kitchen.  Its worth the price of admission. (Oh and good food too!!)

Headed home to hunker down for the storm tonight.  It is supposed to rain a fair bit tonight and there was lightning when we got home.

Tonight we are camped on BLM land near Cottonwood AZ at 34.66837, -111.9620 and this is the view from our window.


  1. It actually was quite the storm, a fair amount of rain for the desert!

  2. I'm thankful we weren't still in Williams! Did you see the snow pictures from there?


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