Saturday, 10 February 2018

The Sheriff comes to the Mountain

Our time on the mountain is slowly coming to an end so we have to tie up some loose ends.  Us guys have some regular maintenance to do to our batteries and motor homes in general.  The ladies insisted that they were not quite shopped out, so off they went on one last spree.  We have a friend dropping by this afternoon, so they will have to be back by two.  That deadline may or may not happen. 

One thing we have noticed is that there is a little truck from the Ghost Town that sometimes tours people up the trail in front of our camp showing them the desert and the interesting stuff in it.  I get the feeling we are sort of on display for the tour and wonder if the man narrating the tour is saying something like.."Shhhhh. We must be quiet so we don't spook the group of squatters on the left, who are following the traditions of the gypsies.  They are a group of homeless Canadians who can't afford to live in a park.  Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle as they may be hungry and might bite!!!"

Sure enough, true to her word, Kyra's friend Louise showed up at 2 o'clock and yes I was right, the girls were not back from their shopping trip yet.  Louise is the fun lady we all met the other day when we went to her house for her birthday and she cooked us lasagna.   Poor Louise was quite distressed with the size of the potholes in our road and said it took her a lot of courage to keep coming down the road to our location with her low clearance car.  She thought she may have scraped bottom a couple times.

And stylishly late, the girls came rolling in, fresh from their shopping trip.  Was it successful?  Guess what was in the back of the Jeep?  Yes you guessed it!!!  Another drawer thingy!!!  Of course it was successful.

So I mentioned to Sue the other day that if two things come in, two things have to go out.  Well true to her word, she tossed MY organizer, and MY little file cabinet.  Guess that will have to work..

We spent the afternoon chatting about all kinds of things with our new friend Louise and trying to convince her that she would have fun following our band of merry bandits all over the country.  She figured that may be true, but would not follow us up this bumpy road.  We hope you find us some where along the way again Louise!  Thanks for dropping by.

Later in the afternoon the group talked me into getting out the drone and sending it up for some pictures.  We got a shot of our happy group of RV's minus Chuck and Angie's, which is further down the road.

While up there, we noticed a group of people forming not far from us for a gathering.

Some of them had brought a great load of pallets and it looked like they were having an organized gathering.  I went over to talk to them and sure enough it was.  They were having a meeting and a fire.  It wasn't long before they got the fire going and started the meeting.

Well I'm not sure what went wrong, whether it was the HUGE fire they got going or the fireworks they set off right after dark, but next thing we saw was a bunch of Sheriffs vehicles and a fire truck putting out the fire.  I think the meeting was over by then and it looked like a lot of the people had left by this point.  I went out to listen to the conversation and the ones left had turned into a belligerent group making crude comments at the cops and firefighters.  The way they were talking, it sounded like a few citations were issued for whatever happened.  It wasn't long after that everyone left and peace reigned again.  That was our excitement for tonight on the mountain.

Fire truck putting out the fire.
Before all the excitement happened, we witnessed another awesome sunset on the mountain.

I got a picture of Chuck and Angela posing which I just have to share on here.  You can see why we have fallen for their charm as they are happy bubbly people and seem to fit right in with our crazy group.  Sorry for the bad quality picture.

The view out our back window was absolutely incredible once again, and I can't stop sharing it with you.  Tonight it showed us very peaceful colours as opposed to the fiery oranges and reds.

Our Location tonight:  BLM near Superstition Mountain, Apache Jnct. AZ  33.4602 - 111.5085  Boondocking.


  1. That was very nice of your new neighbours to provide you with entertainment! And also nice of them not to stick around :-)

  2. Wow, that's a huge fire. Luckily it was contained before it got out of hand.

    Glad you are entertaining the tour group. You should put on some crazy clothes and hats, go out and start waving like fools next time they pass. Hahaha....

    I like the little drawer thingy that Sue tossed on you but also like the new replacements. I think Sue's selections are more functional.

    Glad you've been enjoying your time there!!!

  3. Ha ha, thank you Lorne for my morning chuckle. Loved this post.
    It certainly was time for that filing cabinet to say goodbye, the cabinet thingy was kind of neat but I like what Sue brought home.
    I agree with Deb, you need to run around with sticks or something, poking at things and definitely in pj's and funny hats! ha ha
    Glad that citations were handed out, some people!
    Travel safe guys!


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