Wednesday, 6 October 2021

A Covid test and the Motorhome is safely in the USA.

WHERE ARE WE? Days Inn, Winnipeg Mb NEXT DESTINATION? Grand Forks ND.

After a terrible sleep in the parking lot of the Flying J, we spent the morning cleaning out the fridge and doing up our paper work to make the MH ready to clear customs into the USA today.   We will be handing it over to a commercial company around supper time so they don't want anything even questionable in there.   We chose a company by the name of River Rock Transport Inc to do the job for us.  We booked our move about 3 weeks ago and everything has fallen into place nicely.  Here is their information.

So before we can fly to the USA we have to have a Covid test.  The US accepts the rapid antigen test which only takes about 15 minutes to get the results.  We booked our appointments a couple weeks ago for 2 pm today with Stars Drug Testing.  They are one of the only places that perform the test in Winnipeg and they are located on the complete other side of the city from the airport.  So we headed over there after lunch.  They do a quick swab in the nose, (not the crazy down to your lungs one.) and then you get to wait on a comfy couch for the results.

And just like that we are cleared of the Covid.  Whew dodged a bullet there!!  You have to have one of these within 72 hours of flying and our flight goes out tomorrow morning at 9 am.

So we now just sat in the parking lot and waited for Keith to show up and take the MH.

Keith  came around 5;30 and him and his father in law headed out with another SUV and trailer.  They are driving to Grand Forks tonight and then will fly back on the plane that we go down on so we will see them at the airport in the morning.  For tonight Keith gave us his truck to drop off at the airport in the morning, so we had wheels.  We felt right at home in his pickup which was filled with oil barrels that he is making bio diesel with.  He is definitely a country boy like us.

We headed over to the Days Inn near the airport to spend the night.

We slipped over to Dennys for a quick supper.   Sue posed for a photo.  The potato soup was delicious.

Then it was back to the hotel and put the feet up and relax.

Just about then we got a text from Keith.  We were happy to know he made it across with no problems.  Another hurdle jumped.  Now to get us across.

Our travels today took us from one side of Winnipeg to the other.  Here is where we went today.

Hope everyone had a great day!!


  1. where there is a will there is a way. Good job working around the border mess and enjoy your winter travels.

  2. Nice, good for you guys. What stupidity it is that you had to go through this.

  3. What a great trip! It's great someone thought outside the box and making it a good income.

  4. You got in on a great deal! I'm thrilled that it worked out and you are on your way!


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