Tuesday, 12 October 2021

I'll Show You My Middle Finger!!

WHERE ARE WE? Boondocking on the "Wall" near Wall. SD. 

Well it seems like this area is getting the rain that it has needed so much this fall.   This area has fallen into a drought situation this year and the rain we received today and on into tomorrow is much appreciated.  We spent a good portion of the day inside watching TV and puttering.  

Mid afternoon we decided to go into Wall to kill some time and to pick up a few groceries.  We went back to Wall Drug to wander and just had to stop for pie and ice cream and their famous Ice Water and 5 cent coffee.  We spent over an hour in there just checking out all the things we don't need.

 Before heading home we stopped at the store for supplies.  We had to run to keep from getting wet while entering the store.  We got some steaks for supper but they were not buffalo.

Although it has rained lots, the gravel road up to our boondocking spot was in good shape.  There are a few potholes which were full of water but they had a solid bottom.  It won't be a problem getting out of here tomorrow with the MH.

Because nothing much happened today, I am going to treat you to another little story.  This one is at my expense and the only reason I am sharing it is because my friend Pat really really wants me to I'm sure.
Story starts in Brandon a week ago when we met with Harold and his wife Pat for supper before we left for Winnipeg.  We went to Boston Pizza for supper and as I was eating I got a Charlie Horse in my middle finger on my right hand.  Now my fingers are normally straight but this Charlie Horse pulled my finger way to the side and bent it and it hurt like heck.  Well it was a funny bone sort of hurt but none the less painful.   Pat and Harold and Sue were laughing like crazy while I was trying to make it go away.  When it did subside I went on eating and low and behold it did it again.  After the third time, I switched hands to eat.   I may or may not have been playing it up a bit for the camera, but here are the pictures published for all to see, just for you Pat!!!!


Lately I have been posting some travel quotes that come from the internet.  Tonight I'm posting my own travel quote and a little bit about what is important as we travel.   Lots of people travel to get away from things, but Sue and I travel to find things.  Along the way we have found a lot of good people.  You know who you are.

"Fulfillment in travel is to be touched by, or touch as many hearts in as many places as possible."

We have met so many different people in so many different places over the years, and although sometimes our encounters were sometimes brief, we speak of these people as friends.  If we had not left our place of security and travelled, we would never have been blessed to know you.  We talk more often of the people we have met than we do of the places we have been.  Our encounters with each of you are an important part of our lives.  Whenever we cross paths and spend time together, we are thankful that we chose to travel.

Our view is out the front window today.  Yes that is the type of day it was!  Hope your day was wonderful no matter the weather.



  1. I laughed way too much about your finger! Great story. You have met a lot of great people because you and Sue are great people. We are proud to call you our friends.

    1. Without travel, we would not have met you and Chuck. So glad we travel.

  2. Sorry, I laughed too. I could almost hear you moaning and groaning.
    Although we've not met, I call you folks friends when I speak of you. (always in a good way of course, the Baloney on the Window comes up in conversation from time to time).

  3. I meant to comment on Sully yesterday, about how sweet it was that even though you loved your new pet, you found him a better place to live. For everyone. I'm sure your daughter and her other Dad are very happy too. One day, you'll find another. :)
    yes, laughter is the best medicine and sometimes we have to be the brunt of the humour but it doesn't even matter. Just seeing people laugh is wonderful.
    We have only met you briefly a couple of times but we long to hold more Happy Hours with you, either morning ones or afternoon ones.

    1. PS - we often think of our own funny story with you two! ♥


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