Friday 8 October 2021

Longer Travel Day

WHERE ARE WE? East Whitlock State Lake Use Area 45.05107665728073, -100.24783215825066 

We were up and outside drinking our coffee in good time this morning.  It was a gorgeous morning and our neighbours were up too.  They (Tom and Jane) stopped by to say hi with their dog Cooper and the hi turned into a good old visit.  They are from Minnesota and are freshly retired and are travelling to Banff to see the sights.  (sorry no picture).   So it was 10:30 before we got on the road.  We want to get within striking distance of the Badlands tomorrow so did a few extra kms today.  

Not much happened on the drive other than we saw an elevator painted with a mural of a boy at a rodeo throwing his hat on the ground.  I snapped a quick photo out the window so it isn't that great.  I have no idea how anyone could paint this kind of detail, so big!!

We have a lovely spot to spend the night in a wildlife management area.  The lake is all around us because we are on a peninsula.  We are seeing lots of Sandhill cranes flying over, but none are landing just yet.  That will be later in the evening I'm sure.   

Temperatures are perfect for a quick nap in the lawn chair so that is where I will be for the next hour or so.

I used to do the view from our window and sort of liked that to end my blogs, so maybe its time to do it again.  I will post it whenever the view changes as opposed to every night.  Here is the view from our window tonight.

Hope everyone had a great day!


  1. You have found a lovely spot for the night. We have been chatting with my sister about your Winnipeg route..........a bit concerned about the weather come November but not ruling anything out right yet. :) Enjoy the whole experience. Bill and I loved the S.D. Badlands when we were there in 2011, like a miniature Grand Canyon!

  2. Great dog name! Lol. That gravity chair looks mighty comfy!!!! 😜

  3. Replies
    1. Im sorry we didn't even think about where you are. We would have dropped by if we had of thought. Sorry!!!


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