Thursday, 21 October 2021

We have found Home for a little while

WHERE ARE WE? Government Wash, Lake Mead Nevada 
NEXT DESTINATION? Probably Pahrump Nevada

Well today we arrived at Lake Mead where we plan to hang out for a couple of weeks while we wait for some our friends to escape their wintery grips and join us here.  We anticipate that our friends Pat and Harold will join us in 10 days or so.  They have hired River Rock Transport who we used to transport their Motor Home over the border today. They fly to Grand Forks tomorrow morning to pick it up and will start their winter journey there. Our friend Kyra, better known as the boondocking queen, hopes to start her trek south from Washington State next week I believe.  We hope to meet up with her early next month.  And friends Chuck and Angela hope to start across the country from Illinois fairly soon and we hope they will come hang with us in the desert.  Friends Ed and Lessie may get to Arizona before we head farther south into Mexico. There is some indication that we may see more of our friends very soon.  I will tell you more about that at a later date.  Anyway, this was our path today.

In the last two days we have been in and out of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada a few times as our travel path jigged and jogged.  We knew we were in Nevada when we saw the Casino signs.   

And when we were in Arizona we could tell because of the very pretty overpasses.

And in Utah we would see Latter Day Saints Churches.  We went through some more beautiful country today with mountain passes and expanses of rocks and the red rock of Valley of Fire.  Every corner there was more eye candy.

We arrived at Government Wash about 1 pm and immediately set up our chairs and laid back and took in a little sun.  

The weather looks good for the next while except for some wind early next week.  

There are lots of coyotes around here this year.  They are howling right now between us and the lake and the neighbour said he saw one run right by our Motorhome earlier.  I will try to get some pictures if I can.  But for now here is the view out our front window tonight.  I think the lake is down about 8 feet from what it was when we were here in 2018.  

Well we had a great afternoon setting up for a little longer stay than we have been.  Hope your day was as great as ours.


  1. Great view out your window! We are finally on the road but moving slow. Hope to see you guys soon.

  2. We stayed in Goverment Wash March 2018 for a week or so ! Yes those coyotes,we had our two little poms on short leashes ,and trained eyes scouring the area ,we would see them trotting by our camp a couple times a day some days!what amazed me about that site was a night time watching the line up of aircraft flying into Vegas as well as flying out ,one after another!enjoy!

    1. Money in - broke leaving. Every 3 minutes a jet on final goes over us. If that happens for 10 hours a day and 200 people per flight thats 40000 people who will probably spend $1000 each so that is $40,000,000 bucks coming in. No idea how much money is leaving, but I'll guarantee it is nowhere near that amount.

  3. Great place to stay and stage up for a few days. You certainly cannot beat the views!


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