Saturday, 23 October 2021

Just Another Day!

WHERE ARE WE? Government Wash, Lake Mead NV 

Just another day of soaking up the sun.  The weather is exactly what we have been looking for with 24 to 28c in the day and 15 to 17c at night.  You might ask about where we are staying right now.  It is a rocky gravelly area on the edge of Lake Mead.  Where we are parked would have been under water a few years ago but it is now more than 100 feet down to the water.  We can see for miles in any direction from here and there is lots of action at all times.  Lots of snowbirds come here just to relax before heading farther south.  Its almost too hot to be in Yuma Arizona right now so we will just hang out here for a while.

Today we ordered a bunch of things from Amazon which will give me a few projects to do when the parts arrive.  One thing is the gas struts that hold the basement doors open.  I hope I measured right.

Like I said, there is always something interesting to watch.  Sitting outside and an aircraft did a circle overhead and then dropped down and landed on the lake in front of us.  It was a flying boat style aircraft with the engine above the plane.  He then turned around and with a burst of the throttle he was off again to check out a different part of the lake.

Las Vegas is just over the hill and we like to go see the lights for something to do.  That's what we did last night and the sight is still spectacular.  Although the photo doesn't do it justice, the Strip is certainly the brightest part of Vegas. 

Well that was about it for the day.  I got out the propane fire pit tonight because wood is not easy to find in the desert.  I figure by the time I buy wood it would be cheaper to use propane.  The only thing missing was the smell.  It was still nice to sit around and watch.  Hope you enjoyed your day.


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