Saturday, 30 October 2021

A Day in the Life

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada 

Well we got a couple good news messages this morning.  Our friends Harold and his wife Pat have begun their journey to meet up with us.  They left Wisconsin this morning and will head south and then west.  We wish them a safe journey, and according to the weather, they should have good travelling with the exception of a little rain possible one day.   Also our friend Kyra has almost made it to Parhump where she has some things to do.  We hope to join her there soon so that will be another adventure. 
If you read my blog you will remember our neighbours who were having some problems with some less than good chemicals.  Well the lady was around here for a few days and finally yesterday she cleaned out her car and moved on.  Problem is that she left all her garbage behind.  Chuck and I got to work this morning and cleaned up the mess.  We had to be careful cause we found a needle in the firepit right away.  It was the only one we found so maybe it was the one that caused the commotion the other day. lol

While I was out dumping the garbage in a dumpster, the Rangers drove in so I flagged them down to tell them about a trailer that has been sitting near us empty for a while.  One of the campers here said it has been here for at least 17 days.  We thought maybe it was stolen.  Well the Rangers called  it in and it didn't come back stolen.  They said they will keep checking on it and put a sticker on it to get the owner to call them if they show up.  Chuck and I think maybe its being repossessed and someone just dumped it here.  Its really none of our business, but I am a nosey person and need answers!!!

Michael and I headed out in the Jeep this afternoon to explore more of the area.  We went to a spot called Boxcar Cove which is another boondocking spot just down the road.  On the way we explored some of the back trails.  We had fun for a couple hours.

Along the way we saw this camper.  I wonder if he will wake up in the middle of the night and realize what had happened right next to where he is parked, and think to himself....hmmm could it happen again??

We finished our night up with an awesome sunset.  The weather is perfect and we smile every time we think how lucky we are to be enjoying this weather.  Hope you think about how lucky you are today as well.  



  1. Always enjoy your blog and your stories I can see how you both look forward to your warm winters. Say hi to Sue

  2. Very nice of you to clean up that mess, good thing you didn't get poked!

  3. Glad the weather is holding. Enjoyed the jeep trip.


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