Sunday, 17 October 2021

We can See Clearly Now

WHERE ARE WE? The Darby Ranch, Windsor Colorado

Today was a restful day to start out with.  Guess what?  Yup the airshow is on again today.  Now you have to realize that the airport is about 5 miles from here across country so we get not a bad view of the action.  3 planes headed for the sky and a few minutes later, some smoke and a lone parachute jumper bailed out of the big one.   All of a sudden the two little planes started for earth with their engines screaming all the while circling the jumper.   They circled him all the way to about 1000 feet before breaking off.  That was the opening act of the airshow.  This sort of thing went on for about 4 hours today so I won't bore you with all of that.  Really neat to see.

I spent a couple hours fitting a new piece of plexiglass in the hole where the window blew out of when we first left home.  The idea is to get to Quartzite where we have a good chance of finding a new used one to put in the hole.  This fix will work until then, in fact it is actually very clear.

The Darbys are a very busy family and we love watching their dynamic.  We always say that wherever we go we want to immerse ourselves in the culture.   Well the Darby culture right now is baseball so they spent the morning at some phyical training for one of the Royals teams.  Sue and I don't need any physical training because we are in top notch shape already, so we didn't go.  When they returned home about noon, they suggested we all go out for lunch.  They took us to a nice little Micro Brewery down the road from their place.  Ironically, not one of us are beer drinkers, so we all had lemonades of various sorts.  It was great to just hang out with them.  I have no idea what was happening in this picture, but I show them as I take them.  Sue was doing the chicken or something.

After lunch, once again the Darby's were off to another town for a ball practice.  They invited us to come later for a BBQ that one of the coaches were putting on.  By the time practice was over it was dark so they turned on the lights.  It was a fantastic supper and we got to know a few more of the ball playing family.  

We have had a great time here but tomorrow is time to move along.  Here is the view out our brand new bedroom window that I installed today.  Hope you had a great day too. 

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  1. It all looks like so much fun!! I love those air show pictures.
    Hope you have a good travel day, looking forward to your next adventure 😊


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