Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Lots of Visiting Today

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada

Just a hang around home day today.  Chuck and Angela needed a day to get settled in so we just laid low.  We spent some time checking out their new 5er and then just sat in the sun/shade and chatted.

After some chatting we headed home and had some chips and salsa and then a little nap.  Napping is a great way to pass the time away.  

Had a message from our son Derek with a picture of the track hoe he is operating right now.  I never had the chance to operate a long stick, but he gets to run them quite a bit.

I sent him back a neat idea I found on facebook.  I doubt many wives would approve of it.

We had a nice fire to end the evening.  Lots of good chatter and lots of planes to watch bringing great amounts of money into Las Vegas. 

This was the view out our window today.  Hope you had a great day.

l was always a fan of Fred and Barney.

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