Tuesday, 26 October 2021

A Trip to the Amazon Locker.

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead Nevada

I had to roll out of bed early this morning because Rowdy and Missy were hitting the road back to Idaho today.  They have a 9 hour drive ahead of them so they were off and running by 8 am.  It was a little chilly here this morning with a low of  10C.  brrrr.  We said our goodbyes and off they went.

The Ponderosa looks all lonely again.

Off to the west it was obvious that the Sierra Nevada's had got a skiff of snow last night. No sign of snow anywhere around here otherwise.  

I promised our friend Julie that I would take her with us, on the blog, when we pick up our Amazon order today.  The question has been, so where do you ship your Amazon orders to when on the road?  When you order you put in the zip code of the place you will be near. When your order has been shipped, you get a notice that the package has been delivered and where to pick it up.  If it is a smaller package it is sent to a locker and you have 3 days to pick it up usually.  If it is a larger item, it is sent to a pickup center where you get it across the counter.  

Well in the bigger centers there are Amazon lockers placed quite often at grocery stores.  That is the case here and the closest store to us is in Henderson at the Albertsons grocery store.  You have to look up the name of the locker to find out where it is.  In our case it was "Vinton".

Then you find the bright yellow lockers and you can enter the code they sent or scan the bar code and a locker opens, and low and behold it holds your parcels.  

And that is how to get your Amazon stuff with no hassles.

I will show you what I got today.  Pretty exciting indeed!!  Brand new shiny poop tank vents.  The old ones are toast so time for new.  A job for another day.

On our way home we stopped and got a bladder full of water at the campground in the Lake Mead Recreation Area near where we are boondocking.  We can use the dump and get water as part of the Annual Federal Park Pass we purchased back in South Dakota at the Badlands.  Our bladder holds 45 US gallons so we can half fill our water tank.  Our RV tank was already half full so this filled it up.  Now I can shower again this month!!!

We got a message later in the afternoon that our friends Chuck and Angela had made great time and would be here with us about 4 pm.  Good news as we haven't seen them for about 3 years.  They have a new truck and 5th wheel and they pulled in right on time.  So good to see them.

When they got set up they came over for supper with us.  We had lots to talk about after so long apart.  

Our chat time just carried on until it was time for a fire and drinks.  We are planning a few things to keep us all amused in the next little while.  Chuck and I have a few projects that need to be done as well so we will putter away at them.  Puttering is good for the soul.  Hope your day went well and that you enjoyed some time with friends or family. 


  1. Thanks again for dinner, it was great. So happy to see you and Sue.

  2. That Amazon locker sure is a great way to receive packages on the road!

  3. What a font of information you two are! I didn't know that about Amazon lockers, thought we had to be in a park that accepts deliveries or Quartzsite with their community parcel pick up. Thank you! After being home-stayed for so long, I am kind of addicted to ordering on Amazon too. Nice your friends can join you to catch up. Love to see the parking areas, soon enough we'll be there ourselves!

  4. Very interesting. Enjoy your puttering around lol

  5. Love reading your posts. We are heading towards the Houston, Texas area. Staying a couple nights outside Roswell in a state park. Not ready for boondocking yet, but getting close.

  6. It is a form of freedom. You will enjoy it when you do.

  7. Thanks for the info on Amazon. Have fun.


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