Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Into Everyones Life a Little Rain must Fall, and Wind lots and lots of Wind!!

WHERE ARE WE? Boondocking on the "Wall" close to Wall SD 
NEXT DESTINATION? A Ball Game or 2 near Fort Collins Colorado

Well we were told it was going to be windy today but we didn't pay attention to how windy!!  Remember we were parked within 15 feet of a cliff in the badlands and when the wind started to pick up overnight from 20 to 30 to 40 mph we had a hard time sleeping.  To top it off the wind was hitting us square in the side so the rock and roll started happening.  One always thinks of the worst outcomes while laying in bed worrying, and I'm not sure how many times I played the scenario of us rolling the 300 or so feet to the bottom.  First light of dawn I was up and low and behold the situation was not as critical as I had imagined.  We were still upright and holding up quite well.  I got my coffee and sat for a while working out a plan.  Do we move on down the road today?  Nope because nobody wants to drive a square bus in winds that are now gusting to 70 mph!!   So we will be staying put.  But not before firing up the MH and moving away from the cliff and facing it directly into the wind.  We also put in the slides and the rock and roll quit and we felt quite safe.  If you remember, on day one of our trip we lost one of our bedroom windows and I taped a garbage bag over it.  I had to redo our window plastic after it started ripping overnight.  That was quite a performance but the whole process was accomplished from inside the MH.  The wind howled all day and it rained off and on but we were able to relax and even had a couple naps.  We couldn't go anywhere because we could not open the door because of the wind.  I even had time to play some poker on line.  I wished it was real because I made about 5 million dollars this afternoon!!

The rain subsided mid afternoon but the wind continued to blow until about 9 pm.  The sunset cast a neat yellow colour across the grasslands we are parked on.  There are not many other campers left here on the wall.  What a bunch of chickens!!!!

We got to see a watery sunset, made some supper, watched some TV and hit the sack.  The wind has subsided so sleeping will be easier tonight.  We are moving tomorrow so we need a good sleep to be at our best.

No stories tonight, just a couple of things I saw on the internet today.  They must be true because it was on the internet and verified by science.

Hope everyone had a great day!!  Ours was!


  1. Glad you didn't roll over the edge! There was an ultra lite trailer that blew over the edge a couple of weeks before we got there. It was windy when we were there too, we also had to pull in the slide. Beautiful sunset.

  2. Winds sure can be scary. We have been fortunate up here on the Ridge through our few 'wind' warning storms. It always came from the southwest, nose on. Plus, we only have a small pond to blow into, not the Badlands!
    Your home looks so roomy in that picture with the sun coming in. The Badlands picture is lovely. Safe travels as you dip south.

  3. At least you missed the snow, a few more miles west and you would have been smack in the middle of it!


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