Sunday, 10 October 2021

A little slip up in the Badlands.

WHERE ARE WE? Cedar Pass Campground, Badlands National Park SD  

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends.  Because we are in the USA there is nothing going on today because their Thanksgiving is on November 25.  By then we should be out in the desert somewhere with a few of our friends and we will probably celebrate in some fashion.

There were some mean winds and rain go through the campground last night.  We are fine but it was a horrible night for all of the tent campers here.  Lots of them have probably never tented before and there were tents flapping all over the place.  I think most of them slept in their cars and Sue and I felt sorry for every one of them.  We felt even worse as I rolled over this morning and switched the furnace on for a couple cycles before rolling out of bed.   I could see those poor people huddled around their picnic tables trying to get something to eat to warm them up.  Because of the dry conditions up to now, there are no fires allowed so that isn't even an option for them.  Ok Ok I know, they all survived to tell the story, but man oh man we felt bad for them.

After our coffee and breakfast we decided to head out to see more of the badlands.  Before we left we stopped at the visitor center to get more information.  We are now ready for todays adventure.

We drove a short ways and came to a lookout on the edge of the road.  Sue thought it would be a good place for some pictures.  

Susan headed out on a narrow ledge to get her picture taken and I told her to be careful.  She gave me the normal, yah, yah, yah!!!

Now if you look carefully you will see some wet patches of mud from last nights rain.  Sue headed back and....swish...down she went, thankfully just on the trail, not off the side.  She was ok cause she "went down easy".   

We don't think there will be any lasting injuries but we had to turn around and go get her changed.  She was covered in mud.

Well that was a good start to our day!!!  The rest of the day went much better.  We got to see some buffalo, a few Sheep, and lots and lots of prairie dogs.  

It was a great drive doing the loop seeing the badlands from a lot of different angles.  The drive was about 100 miles in total.

It was an awesome day today.  We love to tour together and see this awesome world we live in.  We look forward to every day on the road.  We hope your day was as good as ours.  Here is the view out our window tonight.  See you tomorrow!!


  1. Glad Sue didn't hurt her self. Love that drive thru the Badlands. Safe travels.

  2. Sue is alot braver than me going out on that edge! Glad she didn't get hurt. Great pic of the two of you. Love your statement at the end! Enjoying your trip. :)

  3. Sue and Chuck are too much alike, he also likes to go out to the edge and I get the same yeah, yeah when I tell him to be careful. Glad Sue is okay!

  4. Glad Sue is safe and in one piece! Looks like a fantastic drive. Have fun!

  5. Beautiful place for sure! Happy Sue didn’t get hurt!

  6. I'm so glad to see pictures of the badlands. When we were there we weren't allowed in. Super bad sand storm, very high winds. You couldn't even see the front of the car let alone the RV in front of me with Jim in it. It's neat!

  7. Glad I didn't read about Sue on my SmartNews app. Tents and rain are no fun. Beautiful area you're visiting.


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