Wednesday, 27 October 2021

More Friends Surprise Us!!

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada
NEXT DESTINATION? Hopefully Pahrump Nevada

Another beautiful day at Lake Mead.  The girls headed out to Las Vegas to do laundry and some shopping.  We also had some more stuff from Amazon to pick up.  Amazon is almost like Christmas.  I got some USB ports to install in the bedroom, and a selfie thingy for my phone.  We are always trying to get our phones to stand up by themselves when we do selfies so this will help with that problem.

 Chuck and I headed out in the Jeep to do some exploring in the desert to the east of us.  We found some neat trails to follow and there are lots of little trails and stuff that people have spent a lot of time making out there.  The Jeep is turning out to be a lot of fun for getting around.

We toured around for quite a while, lost and found Chucks phone and then headed back to the road and down to Callville Bay.  Callville Bay is one of the few Marina's still operating, but at the rate the water is receding it won't be long before there is no water there.  It is sad to see all the infrastructure that was put in place only to be made useless by the lack of water.  There are some pretty big houseboats both for rent and privately owned there.  The marina itself is floating so they just keep dragging it out into deeper water as the level recedes.

Hard to believe that the water used to come up to the rocks and trees by the lounge.

And this is what it looks like from the bottom.  10 years ago the water was up to the white tank on the right.  The picture above was taken from the building you see way up there in the second picture.  Its about 100 feet vertically to the tank and another 70 up to the building


There were a few casualties in the last years rains when it washed a bunch of mud down towards the marina.  You can see some of the mud above.  Below is what is left of a boat that was anchored in the mudslide area.


We got hungry from our touring so we checked to see if the lounge/restaurant was open.  It was, so we stopped for a drink and some catfish and chips.  It was a good meal and we needed a little break from the walking.

The food was great and the service was good.  We got our bellies full.

We decided it was time to head back home and maybe catch a wee nap.  When we got to Chucks place I saw a Motorhome had pulled up between us.  I looked at it and then looked again!!!  It was a Hurricane!!  Only one couple we know with a Hurricane!!! Yep it was Micheal and Sandra.   We met this super couple here at Lake Mead a few years ago and had a great time with them.  Then we met them at Magnolia Beach after that.   Well hugs were in line and lots of smiles and when Sue got back we spent some time catching up on all our travels.  They are gonna stick around for a while so we will have some fun adventures I'm sure.  

Days like today are part of what we enjoy most about out travelling life.  It is so great to meet up with old friends like the Darbys, Chuck and Ang, Rowdy and Missy, and now Sandra and Micheal.  Each meeting brings up different old memories and a lot of new stories.  And we have lots more friends to run into as we travel the southwest and finally Mexico.  We will also make some new friends I'm sure as we travel around.  We are so blessed in our travels.  Hope you find great comfort in old and new friends.  


  1. Jeeping and exploring is always fun down there. You never know what you are going to see!

  2. Every time you mention Magnolia Beach, I tell Bill that I'd like to go there at least once! Yes, I definitely smile when I hear your names. Friends we hope to cross paths with this winter! :)

    1. Things look to be lining up real nice for you guys. Hope to run into you. Maybe you can sneak up and park right beside us!!!


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