Sunday 28 April 2024

A Busy Sunday

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Although its cooler than we have been used to, 12C is still not a bad temperature.  First thing on my agenda is to take all the coverings off the windows and get all the doors unlocked.  It helps let the sun get through the windows and warm things up.  Hopefully these windows will be busy again this summer.

We got a lot of stuff to deal with in the next week or so.  The kitchen turns into a big storage area for everything and anything and we have to just pour it all out onto the deck and then put it back in some semblance of order.

About lunch time I headed into town to pick up Max.  He will spend the afternoon with us.  Before we left his house we checked to see if the "Wood Run truck" would start.  Nope!!  Battery dead.  So I had to get the Jeep wiggled in there to put the booster cables on it.  

So we will come back later for the truck.  We might have to put a new battery in it but I will deal with that later.  So Max and I headed for the lake without the truck.

Max wanted to play a little golf but the mini golf course is covered in leaves and Pine needles.  

So I got busy and got the leaf blower going and fixed up the golf course for him.  Now he can play to his hearts content.  

I'm going to have to spend a few hours getting all of the rest of the leaves blown off the course.  I need to get that done before we get some rain.

Got the tractor going and then Sue and I headed in to get the truck.  We stopped at the store for some hamburger.  Wow!!!  Almost $18.00 a kg. We have been having a tough time deciding how much our prices have to go up this year, but if you consider we paid between 8 and 12 bucks a kg last year, the increase needs to be significant.  I hope people can still afford to eat.

Of course the truck battery will need some time on the charger, so I got all the batteries lined up and will give them all a charge in due time.

We brought back some wooden pine trees to put on the golf course.  Kaitlyn uses them for Christmas decorations and we use them in the summer.  

I got the chairs out on the deck ready for some morning coffee's on the deck when the weather warms up.  I do enjoy that time of day.

Sheri and Donovan came for a short visit after supper.  Sheri has been at a youth retreat with Dani all weekend.  She said she enjoyed it.  After they left we watched a couple episodes of Survivor Season 1.   It has been a long time since we saw that first season and we have forgotten most of it.  Then it will be off to bed.  Good Nite!


  1. It feels good to get the list started! Steady progress is the key!


  2. $8.00 a pound for hamburger? I won't be complaining any more about how much I have to pay.

  3. All the food prices have been climbing and recalls for contaminated food, add to the cost.
    The joys of Springtime clean up!
    Next Fall before you hit the road, take the Batteries from your Truck, Tractor and other equipment. Store them at your kids home, (You pay a bit for the electricity.) Connect a single Battery Minder to the biggest battery, then parallel the others using Alligator Clips. They'll be ready when you need them next Spring.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the coming season.

    It's about time.


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