Thursday 18 April 2024

On the Move Again

WHERE ARE WE?  Victoria City Park, Victoria, Texas

The day started with a good clean on the solar panels.  We will be using them a little bit in the next while so they may as well be clean.  This time of year we get good power from them because the sun is high in the sky.  

Then we took a little time for a bike ride.  Friend Susan lent her ebike to Sue to try for the day.  It sure had power but was a bit big for her.  It was even too much bike for me.  We are trying a few different bikes out in case we want a second one.

I posted a picture of this MH the other day and today they were moving out.  The thing putted and sputtered and blew some blue smoke, but away they went.  I doubt they go very far very fast but I think this unit has seen a lot of country.

We got together with Susan and Randy again today to play some cards.  We always have fun playing games with them even if Randy would rather be doing anything else but.  Thanks for indulging us Randy.

Between games Susan served up some Dew berry cobbler.  We have never had Dew berries before and believe it or not they taste exactly like our Saskatoons back home.  These berries look like a raspberry only they are dark colour.  Mmmmm.

We had a good time and the sun was going down fast.  We had decided earlier in the day that we would head into Victoria for the night and dump and take on water.  So I jumped on my bike and headed for the MH.  We will maybe see Randy and Susan in the fall on our way through.  

So off we went and waved goodbye to Magnolia Beach again.  We love it here and it is a great place to just chill for a while.

It was a little bit dark by the time we arrived in Victoria City Park.  If you want power, you have to reserve on line 48 hours in advance.  We have no need for power.  Just water and sewer.  This spot will do us just fine for the night.  Tomorrow we hope to pick up the Jeep and then we can start the northern journey.  Good Nite!!


  1. A good last day at Magnolia Beach for this adventure!
    Good luck, I hope the Jeep is tip top as you continue on your journey home.
    Safe travels.


  2. I hope all is well with your Jeep.


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