Saturday 13 April 2024

We Meet up With Laura Today

WHERE ARE WE? Magnolia Beach, Texas

The day started with George and I having coffee on the beach.  It is a beautiful morning with a great day predicted.  I was to be a bit windy but thats ok.

A short while later, our friend Laura showed up.  We met Laura in 2018 in Florida while we were there.  She is a great lady who fits right in to any environment.  Love her to death.  She had a bad night with a neighbours generator and didn't get a wink of sleep.  She picked up and was going to head for home after a wee chat with us.  Well we changed her mind and she pulled in beside us and is staying the night!!

It wasn't long and all the troops were up and we had a good morning of reminiscing as well as a few laughs.  It's always nice to reunite with old friends. 

George and I had a couple projects, mine being to wash bugs off the front of the MH and George had a problem with his batteries not charging.  He dug around a bit and disconnected the temperature sensor on his batteries and the charging system sprang to life.  Its always nice to solve an electrical problem.

Laura has an e-bike so we headed out to check out the town.  We road all over checking out what has changed and what has not.  Does any one remember Edgar Magnolia?  He is the mannequin that gets his cloths changed to match the occasion.  Well we couldn't quite figure out todays wardrobe.  Anyone have any ideas?

A little more fix the world talk and it was soon time to go for supper.  Laura said she already ate so didn't come with us.  Archie just enjoyed a little snooze in the sun.

We always like to check out the Indianola Fishing Marina so that's where we went tonight.  No live music tonight but it was crowded.

They had all you can eat catfish tonight and I saw the lady cringe when George walked through the door.  I bet they wondered if they could fill up a big guy like him.  He only went back for seconds so he fooled them.

So I always get scolded for my candid pictures.  I don't look to see if everyone is smiling or whether they have food on their face, I just take the picture for its story quality!!  I know Al with the Bayfield Bunch would not approve of my picture quality but that's what two totally different styles are. Well here is one that will probably earn me the dog house again tonight.  At least I will have Archie to keep me warm.  Anyway the story here is how good the catfish was, and the picture was a little less than flattering I will admit.  Sorry!

A couple pictures of maidens of the sea. They are smiling here because they have ice cream.  The boat was probably responsible for bringing us the catfish!

Back home tonight in time for a sunset over Magnolia Beach.

The day started with George and I sitting on the porch and so it will end the same way.  It's been a good day, and George and I like to talk about it.  Good Nite!!


  1. It looks crowded on the beach and at the Catfish place, glad you could get spots in both. Enjoy.


  2. If looks could kill, I hope the dog house was comfortable and Archie kept you warm.

  3. I liked the coment near the beginning: "I was going to be a bit windy, but that's ok."

  4. My goodness it was so great to see you all again and to meet George and Henny as well. So many laughs, such fun! Thank you for letting me in!! 😜🤣
    Safe travels to all, until we meet again somewhere down the road. 💖


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