Wednesday 10 April 2024

We Made it to Matehuala on Day 2

WHERE ARE WE? Las Palmas Hotel, Matehuala San Luis Potosi Mexico

We enjoyed our brief stay at Villa Corona last night and I was up at the crack of dawn to experience swimming in the Thermal pool just after they filled it up.  I was up before the roosters this morning!!  Now remember we had a time change so my body thought it was 6:07!!

They were still filling the big pool when I arrived for my morning soak.  The water is thermal water from the ground and they don't add anything to it.  They drain their pools each night and sanitize them.  This time of year they only fill one pool each day.

We decided to move on this morning and so about 8:30 we went back to the pools to say goodbye to JR and Clo.  They are staying for a few days.  We will definitely put this park on our radar for another years travels.  It looks like Sue was telling a fish story to them.  LOL

 When we walked back through the picnic area, we came across the remnants of last nights party.  The culture here is to eat drink and have fun and don't worry about the mess.  


So we travelled just a little under 600 kms today.  Tolls were not too bad.  I will give a grand total tomorrow night.  This was our route today.

Normal traffic today with a bit of construction was all the excitement we had.  I still marvel at how traffic moves even on a 2 lane road.  Everyone puts one wheel on the shoulder which opens up a passing lane down the middle.  All you have to watch for is someone passing from the other direction.  Works real well.

Like the past 2 years, we passed through the Monarch Butterfly fly way but didn't see a single butterfly.  But we saw the signs.

We arrived in Matahuala at the Las Palmas Hotel at 5:50 pm.  It was a long day of driving with a lot of it at 80 kms per hour.  All of the 2 lane highway have an 80 km speed limit and I try to stay close to it.

If you are an RV, you have to drive down this little dirt trail and wait at the gate for someone to come let you in.  Very much Mexican and I love it.

We noticed a brand new Walmart across the street so went and picked up a few things to eat.  It is very much like any American Walmart but it does cater to Mexican items.  We never thought to ask if they let RV's park there LOL.  We have another big day tomorrow so its bed time now.  Good Nite!!


  1. The roads looked quite good from your pics.
    The pool looked inviting.
    The clock looked crooked. lol.
    The things we observe. lol.
    Safe travels.


  2. Those pools look wonderful!
    Continued safe journey.
    The dirt road to the gate does not look inviting to our Suite!


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