Wednesday 24 April 2024

Back in North Dakota

WHERE ARE WE?  Bismarck North Dakota

I quite often have trouble coming up with stories on moving days.  No different today.  I would take scenery pictures but the screen on the side window gets in the way and the bugs on the windshield don't make for nice photos.  See what I mean?

Yup thats where we want to go

For all my farm friends.  Do you remember all the wiggly lines in the field before auto steer?  This guy must have been drinking.

We needed propane so we stopped at a place and they filled us from the truck.  Gotta love small town America.  

We did buy a shower curtain rod to put up to block the dash off so Archie can't go up there.  He does get in the way when we are in cities and navigating corners and such.  We left it up when we were out of the MH and when we came back he was sitting in Sues seat peeking over the dash looking so distraught.  I don't think he likes the bar.  

It was only a little over 300 kms to go today so we had lots of time to spare.  We were only going to Bismarck today.

We stopped at Costco to get gas at $3.09 a gallon.  Then we parked and went in to the store.  There wasn't much for free treats so I went back out to the MH and hung around with Archie.

When Sue was done at Costco, we headed over to Walmart for the night.  I caught a nice sunset over the city.  Good Nite!!


  1. Even as a passenger, i find it hard to get good pictures too.
    Look at little Archies face! 😍

  2. Sometimes pictures just are what they are.



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