Monday 1 April 2024

Percy is Shining like a New Nickle!

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

Had a chance for a coffee by the ocean this morning.  The ocean is very beautiful today, not the slapping crashing waves we have been having, but rather a nice roll to the waves.  Very peaceful.

Today we are having the MH washed, deoxidized and waxed.  When we bought Percy, it was a little oxidized and we never got a chance to deal with it until now.  Martin and Monica and 3 guys showed up about 9 am and went to work on it.  They rubbed and scrubbed and polished until Percy was gleaming.  We are quite happy with the job they did.  It was not exactly cheap, but I think the quality of the work justified the price.  8000 pesos complete or about $650.00 Cnd.  We will get it all waxed again when we get back down here next year.  Because it was almost dark when they finished, I will get a shiny picture tomorrow.

Back in Canada, today, the Axe the Tax protests were going on.  Once again a bunch of common sense thinkers were out there bringing awareness to Canadians of the huge carbon tax that is being levied today (18 cents a liter) on fuels which will do nothing to reduce the carbon levels which are basically non existent anyway.  It will help to pay for the raises for all MP's who get between 4 and 8000 a year raises, and our Prime Minister who voted himself like a $16000 raise effective today.  The peaceful protests are aimed at slowing traffic on a lot of major highways to raise awareness of the general public, who may be too busy to know what is actually going on.  Hopefully they don't get thrown in jail or trampled by Police horses like the last time.  

We always like to support Sergio and Los Koritas and yesterday was his last day for having the restaurant open until next November.  He is getting to be quite popular and we can't wait to be back here eating ribs.

Drew and Leena and Louis and Candice and ourselves got together to have a nice chat and a bite to eat at Juan's in Guayabitos this afternoon.  We spent a couple hours just chatting and laughing.  Maybe, just maybe there will be a caravan to Manitoba this summer!!!  That would be fun.  If not we will meet up again next winter.  Drew and Leena are gone on Wednesday, and Louis and Candice on Friday.

The shrimp spaghetti was enormous.  Good leftovers!!

I did catch a wee bit of the sunset but we talked a bit much to get a good one.  Good Nite!

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  1. Percy is shiny, even in the dark. That is some big plate of spaghetti.



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