Monday 8 April 2024

We Had a Good Spot for the Eclipse

WHERE ARE WE? Numero UNO RV Park, La Penita, Nayarit, Mexico

I don't know how many of you know that today we were going to experience a solar eclipse.  I don't think there has been much news about it because our news has been tied up with climate stuff.  Just kidding, everyone in the whole of North America has been waiting for this day and paying thousands of dollars flying all over to experience it in the most ideal location.  Well this morning I thought maybe I should get in the spirit and find a welders lens.  I found one in the little area to the north called La Colonia.  I also found out something else after 5 years of being here, and that is that the Ferritarias are not just hardware stores.  They all specialize in different things.  One might be household fixit stuff, another plumbing, and the one I was directed to today was a welding supply hardware.  You learn something every day.

So I picked up a #14 welding lens and back home I went.  I rode my bike there and back and never pedaled once by the way.   Anyway I got busy with a piece of cardboard and made a viewing lens.  15 peso's it cost me or about a buck, oh yes and some duct tape!!

By the time I got it finished, I looked up at the sun and the eclipse had started.  I am a procrastinator, but I always seem to deliver on time in the end.  So we let everyone know that we had this to view with and they turned out in hoards!!  I of course gave a little demonstration of what the eclipse would look like.  

No eclipse


 Actually we had some new guests in the suites, Thomas and Tasha and another couple that hope to rent an RV spot for next year, Bernard and Monica.  Great way to get to know them when you got a couple hours to kill watching an eclipse.

We were all surprised by the fact that we didn't get the feeling that darkness was overtaking us.  We did liken what we observed to a day in Alberta with lots of fire smoke.  We noticed a slight drop in temperature but it was small.  Perhaps it was a small pocket of carbon that hadn't been taxed yet that passed overhead.  Now everyone warned the world to lock up the kids and make sure the dogs were inside while the eclipse happened because they might go blind.  I was always told as a youngster that it was something else that would make me go blind!!  Remember that warning guys??  We have 6 dogs here and we went one step farther and let them observe right along with us with the proper eye protection of course.

Our gardener Joel didn't even know what was happening I don't think.  We called him over and let him take a peek.  He seemed impressed and then off to work he went.  

None of us could get our cameras to cooperate to get a good picture of the eclipse so I got the following from the internet, in case you haven't seen any.  Yah right!!  In case you were stuck in doors, or were too busy watching chem trails, this is what we saw here in La Penita.  We were at 97.5 covered.  

And of course we also had an Oreo eclipse as well.

I got busy and finished up most of the packing in preparation of tomorrows lift off.  We seem to have more room than when we came down, but maybe things are just packed a little better.

One of the compartments seemed to have a stow away.  Kenia Kenia Kenia!!!  Wish we could take her.  The rules have changed recently and she now needs a Visa to come to Canada and that takes some time to get.  Maybe she will get one in time to come this year.

Anyway, Kenia was here to cook supper for us.  As you know she loves to cook and she always cooks lots.  So we made sure we invited a few extra folks to supper tonight.  And Kenia is like Sue in that she is not finished cooking until every pot and bowl in the cupboard is dirty.  But it was a yummy supper!!!

Kenia was good enough to lend us her fridge for the winter to store extra stuff in.  It was kinda a community fridge for everyone to use if they couldn't fit it in their fridge.  Today was the day to take it to Abuela's because her fridge is needing replacing.  Kenia is good to her Abuela!!!

That was about it for our day.  We need an hour or so in the morning to get the loose ends tied up, and then we will be off on our homeward trek.  Here is proof that nothing happened to the sun today.  Beautiful as ever.

And we got a picture from Normand featuring our Suzanne on the ski hill.  Look at that smile!!  Have fun skiing!  Good Nite!!


  1. Your eclipse demonstration is!

  2. I loved the Oreo Eclipse. Lmao. I was surprised you didn’t splay a hand over the camera lens to simulate the darkness.
    It is always tough saying goodbye, but it gives us the hopeful excitement of our/their return in the future.
    Safe travels as you roll the wheels north.


  3. It was a crazy day, glad you entertained the locals.


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